A preview of the One UI Watch skin for the next generation of Samsung smartwatches based on Wear OS

A preview of the One UI Watch skin for the next generation of Samsung smartwatches based on Wear OS

A preview of the One UI Watch skin for the next generation of Samsung smartwatches based on Wear OS

News unit EMGblog.com: Not long ago, in the middle of May 2021, the company Google during the conference of software developers of this company about its cooperation with Samsung to combine Tizen and Wear OS announced that according to Google, the implementation It led to faster applications and more efficient battery consumption. This collaboration has become closer to reality with rumors of the imminent presentation of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the display of unofficial images of it, and yesterday at the MWC 2021 event, Samsung showed another aspect of the evolution facing the industry by previewing the One UI Watch software shell. Presented. One UI Watch, as the name suggests, is the user interface for Samsung Galaxy watches.

In the description of the new One UI Watch skin, it is mentioned to improve performance, a more integrated experience between the watch and the Android smartphone and access to a wider range of applications. Patrick Chomet, senior executive vice president and customer user experience department manager at Samsung from using experiences Long talked about the collection in the field of mobile innovation and collaboration with leading and trusted names in this industry to unleash the full potential of wearable devices and added: “Through these efforts, we will enhance the [usage] experience of the smartwatch and the convenience of our Galaxy ecosystem. We will enrich for consumers.”

Samsung’s One UI Watch user interface is actually a software skin that is based on the new Wear OS operating system developed in collaboration with Samsung and Google formed. The presence of the One UI user interface for Samsung smart watches is not the first time, and before that there was a variant of it in mid-May 2019, in addition to the Watch Active with an update available to other watches including Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport was also placed. In the new One UI Watch, relying on the changes that the redesigned operating system Wear OS will bring, more cooperation will be formed between smart watches and Android phones.

Considering the presence of Wear OS in the background of One UI Watch Compared to Tizen, this user interface is more deeply integrated with Android, and for example, after installing an application from Google Play for which a smart watch version is also available, this application is automatically installed on the watch. Among the other effects of this integration that Samsung mentioned in the launch of One UI Watch, we should mention the clock application in the Android phone, where after setting the clock of a new city in this application, its information will also be visible on the watch screen. Blocking a number on the phone and immediately applying it to the smart watch is also one of the other things mentioned in this section. These settings can also be done in reverse where, for example, by blocking a number on the smart watch, this will be automatically applied to the connected Android phone.

Samsung this time did not provide much information about the next generation of its smart watches (which will be equipped with the One UI Watch interface for the first time). But it has talked about longer battery life, faster user experience and a wide range of applications thanks to Google’s operating system. One of the important problems of the Tizen operating system of Samsung smart watches was not supporting the installation of various applications; The weakness that will now be resolved in the cooperation of this company with Google. In One UI Watch, you can easily and directly access the Google Play Store and view and install applications directly on the watch itself. Among the available applications for this collection, we should mention calm, Facer, Adidas, GolfBuddy, Couch25K and Google apps such as Youtube Music, Messages, Maps and several others.

Samsung and Google have also both hinted at a new watch face design tool available to Android developers to create more useful options that users need more at a glance. will be placed

The information presented at this time should be considered a simple and short preview of what can be expected from One UI Watch, and to check the full features of this platform and its new and distinctive features, you should probably wait until the unveiling of The next generation of Samsung smart watches (this summer) remained to be expected. Finally, it is important to mention that One UI Watch, like its namesake in the world of Android phones, is only a skin designed for Samsung smart watches and naturally the next generation of smart watches provided by other manufacturers equipped with Google’s new Wear operating system (the result of cooperation) This company and Samsung), will be released with a different appearance.

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