A look at the new 5G version of the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet

A look at the new 5G version of the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet

A look at the new 5G version of the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet

News unit EMGblog.com : Huawei last November from a different tablet named MatePad Pro unveiled that from the beginning with a different name and using a prefix Similar to the laptops of this company, the power and high efficiency of this device were emphasized. The MatePad Pro was equipped with a large screen with minimal bezels, surpassing most of its peers with a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. The presence of a dedicated pen with the possibility of magnetic connection and wireless charging was another interesting point of this tablet and it had a lot to say in terms of sound, battery and processing. This company recently released the 5G version of this model, which we will take a look at its specifications and capabilities.

The most important Feature MatePad Pro 5G Like any other tablet, it undoubtedly belongs to its screen, which is still 10.8 inches with a resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels or WQXGA, which is made with IPS LCD technology and supports DCI-P3 spectrum display. Around this screen on all four sides, a very narrow border of only 4.9 mm is considered, which improves the screen-to-body ratio to an extraordinary figure of 90%. Among other interesting points about this screen, we should mention its maximum brightness, which is 540 nits, which is considered a suitable and advanced example. The selfie camera of this tablet is also placed inside the screen.

Matepad Pro 5G’s design is inspired by nature and comes in two colors, orange and green (Forest Green). The dimensions of this model are equal to 7.99 x 159 x 246 mm and its weight reaches 426 grams. The back part of this tablet is covered with synthetic leather or PU, thus conveying a warm and attractive feeling to users.

The most important difference of this tablet compared to its normal version, as expected, should be found in the communication options of the device and most importantly 5G, where apart from the usual 3G, 2G and 4G networks, it is now possible to access fifth generation networks in this model. . 5G connection in this tablet through advanced and new chipset Kirin 990 5G is currently the most advanced processing solution under HiSilicon Huawei and it is considered the first flagship processor of the market with an internal 5G modem. Relying on the very high speed of 5G networks, it is possible to access different services, such as playing quality games on cloud servers, and the delays in accessing such facilities will be forgotten.

In the structure of this tablet, the new technology developed by Huawei is used, in which a system for heat dissipation with 3D graphite design is used; This system will have a favorable result especially in scenarios related to 5G networks, including downloading and streaming Ultra HD videos and playing heavy 3D games.

The battery in this tablet has a capacity of 7,250mAh, which supports 40W fast wired charging called SuperCharge, and in addition, it has registered its name as the first tablet to support 27W fast wireless charging. This is not all about the powerful battery present in this tablet, and the possibility of reverse wireless charging with a power of 7.5 watts is also available for this model, through which other devices that support wireless charging, from smartphones to headsets, can be charged.

To complete the capabilities related to productivity and content creation in this collection, an advanced pen known as M-Pen is used with this model and a separate keyboard with the possibility of magnetic connection is also included with this collection. The pen that comes with this tablet supports 4 thousand different pressure levels and with its help it will be possible to create innovative designs on the device. As mentioned, this pen is magnetically attached to the upper edge of the device and is charged in the same way. The charging of this pen is done quickly and only 30 seconds of connecting it to the tablet will be enough for 10 minutes of operation.

Matepad Pro 5G uses four stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon, and its five surround microphones, according to Huawei, bring the possibility of 360-degree noise cancellation for this model.

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