A look at the mid-range quad camera of Huawei Y7a

A look at the mid-range quad camera of Huawei Y7a

A look at the mid-range quad camera of Huawei Y7a

News unit EMGblog.com : Huawei Y7a One of the newest mid-range phones Huawei is in the market. Y7a uses quad cameras that are placed next to each other in a rectangular area on the back of the phone. In this article, we are going to take a look at the performance of the camera of this new Huawei phone. Huawei Y7a has several distinct features that make this product a suitable tool for photography, especially for everyday use and in social networks. If we want to have a glimpse of these features, we can mention the quad camera, 22.5 W fast charger and 128 GB internal memory.

The main camera of this phone is 48 megapixels and it also has three other image modules. Each of the four cameras of this phone has a task. The main camera is used to record many details of the surrounding environment and the main subject, and next to it, an 8 megapixel camera captures a wide and wide image up to a 120 degree angle.

Two other 2 megapixel cameras are also in this There are sets that are used for depth of field detection and the other for close-up (macro) photography. The depth of field detection camera helps the main camera to blur the background and focus more on the main subject; In other words, in this way, you can focus on each of the subjects in the image, in such a way that this subject is separated from the background and the rest of the image, which is less important to you, can be seen with less clarity in the final photo.

Huawei Y7a with the help of a special camera Close-up photography has the ability to shoot up to 4 cm away from the subject.

The smartphone is used daily for a long time, and especially when it is used for photography for a long time, it will need to be recharged. Huawei Y7a with a high-capacity 5,000 mAh battery allows 12 to 20 hours of operation with the phone. Of course, this time difference depends on the type of user use, and in case of heavy use, the battery will lose its charge sooner.

In addition to the high-capacity battery, the 22.Huawei can quickly get your smartphone working again. For example, according to Huawei, with only 10 minutes of phone charging, you can continue watching videos for another 2 hours. The same is true for photography.

Sample shot with the Huawei Y7a camera

There are some key points about the Huawei Y7a smartphone camera has it. Since the photos of this phone’s camera consist of many details and cover a wide viewing angle, the user can remove the extra parts of the photo and still have a high-quality and detailed photo. A wider angle of view means that more parts of each image will be captured in the photo. For example, to take a portrait photo, you don’t need to take a long distance from the crowd, and the camera can easily fit all the people in the photo. It helps to take clear and bright photos even in dark and dimly lit environments. Another mode of photography in this phone is the possibility of using the bokeh effect. In this case, the main subject is in the center of the photo and the rest of the image, including its background, is blurred. This effect gives a beautiful effect to the photo.

Huawei Y7a also has many features for the retouch section after taking photos, and features such as cropping the photo and removing additions have been considered for it. For example, the size of the desired photo can be selected by default (for example, the square size for Instagram photos) and it is only enough for the desired part to fit in the image frame so that the camera automatically removes the additions of the photo. More than 40 filters are also considered for decorating photos that give beautiful effects to the image.

The Smart Collage feature in this phone allows you to combine your photos and create a collage for more impact. Take advantage of social networks. This feature allows combining 2 to 9 photos and can combine photos together in different ways. With this method, more photos can be shared with the audience.

smart phone Huawei Y7a is an affordable choice that provides you with an acceptable camera with satisfactory features at a relatively reasonable cost. A camera that will be able to meet your daily needs to record memories and share them with others.

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