A look at the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition tablet for children

A look at the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition tablet for children

A look at the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition tablet for children

EMGblog.com: In today’s world, tablets only work for web browsing. And the fun is not limited; Rather, they have become official learning and teaching tools, especially for children. For this reason, many families are looking for a tablet that is specially designed for children. Huawei responds to this need by releasing MatePad T Kids Edition tablets says Whether you are looking to take online classes or use a tablet as a tool to entertain your child, you are definitely looking for a product that can be easily provided to children.

In this context, special 8-inch tablets Children Huawei in the MatePad T Kids Edition series in addition to monitoring capabilities Parents also have something to say about the health of their children’s eyes.

This tablet has a screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels (HD resolution), EMUI 10.1 user interface, 5,100 mAh battery, Mediatek MT8768 octa-core chip and two cameras. It uses 5 and 2 megapixels on the back and front. In the following, we will learn more about the features and specifications of Huawei’s children’s tablet.

Suitable strength and special pen for children

The children’s version of the Mitpad tablet is a product with appropriate peripherals for fostering creativity in children. Among them, we should mention a special pen for drawing and writing children’s creations.

This tablet uses a body with a hard silicone coating that is resistant to falling from a height or hitting other devices. Also, due to its suitable size and weight, children can carry it with them. On the other hand, this tablet is equipped with a support base that the child can use while watching animation or painting.

suitable and attractive user environment

one of the differences between children and adults , their preference is for bright and glossy environments and cartoons. Therefore, Huawei has made part of the environment of this tablet with The name Kids Corner is specially designed for children.

In this section, the user interface of the tablet is interactively made available to the child with a cartoon structure, and access to software such as video player, drawing, camera, etc. is done by tapping on different icons. . Also, parents can set the tablet in such a way that only this part is available to the child and other parts are not available to him. In this way, the child’s exposure to unmanaged and inappropriate content is prevented.

Care of the child’s eyes and the ability to monitor parents

A special tablet for children should be able to take care of children’s eyes. brought In this context, features such as harmful blue light filter and eBook Mode have been used in MatePad T Kids Edition, which reduces the harmful lights of the screen and creates conditions so that the child can work with the tablet comfortably.

There is also a function to determine the time limit for using the tablet, which provides conditions so that the child can work with the tablet only when the parents allow it.

Protection system When charging the device

To create more security and care for children, the safe charging system is also included in the MatePad T Kids Edition tablet, which prevents the child from accessing the tablet while charging.

For this reason, there will be no risk of electric shock to your child’s body when using this tablet; Because while charging, the tablet cannot be used by the child.

Game and software store for children

Another feature of this tablet is providing a market for downloading games and software in the age group. It is your child. By using this program, you can be sure that your child will never encounter inappropriate software.

Also, in this section, the tools provided to the child are suitable for his age and designed with goals such as increasing creativity or developing talents. have been used to better understand the individual characteristics and skills of the child.

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