A look at the Huawei AX3 Dual-core router – Wi-Fi 6 with a design twist

A look at the Huawei AX3 Dual-core router – Wi-Fi 6 with a design twist

A look at the Huawei AX3 Dual-core router – Wi-Fi 6 with a design twist

News unit EMGblog.com: Huawei separates from the smartphone business And its digital gadgets are considered among the most reliable and leading names in the telecommunications and communication industries to the extent that the company’s products form the infrastructure of many wireless networks and major operators in the world. In this category, we find devices such as modems and routers, which range from simple and inexpensive models to sophisticated and advanced models. AX3 Dual Core router is one of these products that provides suitable facilities with modern and updated design. In the following, we will get to know more about AX3’s facilities and capabilities.

Expectations from a router

Using a separate router to access the network while most of the communication modems are also considered as a router may not be justified at first glance, but in a closer look the presence of an independent router Apart from faster speed and higher connection quality, it often provides a wider coverage and in environments with multiple physical barriers, it will be a guarantee of trouble-free access to the communication network.

On the other hand, the type of users’ needs also play a fundamental role. plays during the selection of a router; Where, for example, in the game category with the urgent need for the highest speed and the lowest delay, the presence of an advanced router is vital and undeniable.

Minimal design and modern appearance

The different and attractive look of AX3 Dual-core is certainly the first point that attracts attention when dealing with this model; The flat body with a gentle slope, small thickness and the special shape of the four antennas on the back, give the device a minimal and yet modern form that can be found in few other examples in this category. This attractiveness even minimizes the need to hide the device in home environments and shows a high potential for integration with other components of non-office environments.

Connection speed: Wi-Fi 6 brilliance

Huawei describes these points of excellence as a bandwidth of 1.2 Gbps with 1024-QAM modulation, the possibility of connecting to more devices at 5 GHz frequency, a delay time of 10 milliseconds against 30 milliseconds in Wi-Fi 5 and finally 30% Energy consumption speaks less. The advantages of AX3 in the field of Wi-Fi 6 will naturally be achieved with the presence of a device compatible with this technology.

Minimum delay in streaming and proper performance in game

One of the most important reasons for preparing a high-quality router is to use it when streaming content or playing advanced games, which are two important factors of high speed. and combines the minimum delay in sending and receiving data packets

In the AX3 structure, thanks to 1024-QAM modulation and 160 MHz bandwidth, on paper it is possible to access a speed of 3,000 mbps (consisting of 574 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 2,402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band) which, if realized in the real world, would make latency and waiting for content buffering a thing of the past.

Increasing the number of connected devices

The AX3 Dual-core router supports OFDMA multi-user modulation technology, which allows simultaneous transmission of information to several devices (up to 4 devices in the 2.4 GHz band and 16 The device provides in the 5 GHz band. This feature also provides the possibility of connecting 128 devices on both bands.

Experience lower latency

AX3 Dual-core router, according to the manufacturer, in ideal conditions offers up to two-thirds less delay than the devices that matter when moving the connection between different devices to It results in less delay.

Experience of reducing energy consumption

AX3 Dual-core has also appeared successful in the field of energy consumption thanks to the advanced Gigahome processor and consumes up to 30% less energy compared to similar models, according to Huawei. he does. This is achieved thanks to the automatic monitoring of router activity during 24 hours and the use of intelligent algorithms in standby mode.

Better experience in signal passing through walls

Signal passing through walls is one of the constant problems of wireless routers in all categories, and AX3 Dual-core is no exception; In this model, an interesting technology is used to minimize this problem, in which Huawei phones equipped with Wi-Fi 6, with the help of Dynamic Narrow Bandwidth technology, provide up to 6 dB stronger signal through narrow and stable bandwidth. 2 MHz to AX3. This feature means receiving a stronger Wi-Fi signal from phones that support this technology and creating a better experience when the signal passes through walls and hard surfaces.

Flexibility in Networking

AX3 from Networking It supports wireless, cable or a combination of both, where after the network is established, different routers automatically form a matching group with a specific Wi-Fi name, and the best Wi-Fi signal is automatically selected according to the user’s location.

AX3 also offers the possibility of forming a network with older Huawei routers through the H button, and thus the coverage of the home or office network can be easily expanded.

Huawei AX3 Dual-core is thus an advanced and professional router with satisfactory features and a relatively affordable price, with features such as Wi-Fi 6, wide bandwidth, high speed and low latency along with a Modern and up-to-date design brings a different experience for users.

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