A look at some successful and failed tech projects in 2021

A look at some successful and failed tech projects in 2021

A look at some successful and failed tech projects in 2021

EMGblog.com: In the past year, there were many positive and negative events. In the world of technology, the South China Morning Post news agency, in an interesting article, examined some of the most important ones.has placed. Among the successful projects of 2021 are the success of companies such as Apple, Google, Xiaomi and Vivo pointed out in the chip design. The increase in the production of foldable smartphones as well as the production of nReal augmented reality glasses could change people’s opinion about these products. In contrast, AirTag Tracker (product Apple), smartphone Surface Duo 2 (product Microsoft) and Ray-Ban Stories glasses (joint product of Ray-Ban and Facebook) failed to satisfy customers as expected.

Next, we review some of the most important successes and failures of technology products in 2021 from the perspective of the South China Morning Post:

Moving mobile manufacturers to Designing custom chips

Today, most electronic devices are equipped with chips. Expanding the use of these parts, companies such as Apple, Google, Xiaomi And it prompted vivo to design some of the custom chips they needed. In 2020, Apple decided to launch MacBooks with in-house designed chips (similar to those used in smartphones) instead of using Intel processors. This move was considered a big revolution in the computer industry and Apple will achieve this success in 2021 by producing M1 Pro and M1 Max repeated.

Apple’s success in designing dense chips for use in computers has been so impressive that it has led even well-known chipset manufacturers – such as Qualcomm – to follow this path. With these interpretations, if Intel cannot achieve a significant technological achievement in the next one or two years, this company’s superior position in the computer industry will be jeopardized.

Of course, in the category of entering the field of chip design, other names besides Apple are visible. 2021 saw Google smartphones Pixel It produced the 6 series with a custom chip of its own, called Tensor (unlike previous years when it used Qualcomm chipsets in its Pixel devices). Undoubtedly, Tensor cannot compete with flagship chips from Qualcomm or Samsung in terms of graphics processing power, but this chipset is custom designed to handle Google’s machine learning algorithms. In this way, Tensor can be considered the smartest chip used in smartphones to date. Thanks to this chipset, Pixel 6 phones can translate text and dictate speech in real time, with exemplary accuracy and often without the need for the Internet.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Chinese brands Xiaomi and Vivo also in the year 2021 started to design imaging chips that will greatly help to carry out imaging processes in their smartphones – including capturing, processing and rendering of image information. For example, we can refer to the latest flagship of Vivo i.e. X70 Pro Plus pointed out that thanks to Vivo’s custom imaging chip, according to the source of this news, with strong reasons, this phone can be considered the owner of the most powerful camera system among all smartphones of 2021.

Foldable smartphone supply on a large scale

Since foldable smartphones first entered the market in 2019, there have always been critics and opponents who were concerned about the thinness and vulnerability of these devices and They complained about their high prices. But apparently the companies Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo were able to They silenced these critics. All three brands launched their foldable smartphones in 2021 at a lower-than-expected price. Even Samsung succeeded by equipping Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 to resist in against water, to do what seemed impossible at first.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Meanwhile, flip phones are said to be priced lower than in 2020 — especially the $999 Z Flip3 – Consumers have been turning to these products without fail, and according to South China Morning Post experts, the era of the $2,300 flip phone is over. It’s good to know, when the new Oppo foldable phone called Find N Introduced at a low price of 7,699 yuan (about $1,200), it surprised everyone.

Augmented reality glasses

For about a decade, famous technology companies have been trying to popularize augmented reality glasses (AR) among people (probably failed projects like Google Glass and less successful (Remember Microsoft’s HoloLens, for example). But it seems that the Chinese company nReal, by designing a lightweight and relatively cheap AR glasses, has succeeded to a large extent in achieving the aforementioned goal. These new glasses have been released in important markets such as Japan, Germany and North America in a short period of time and have achieved good sales. Meanwhile, the right price and supply in the American market are among the most important success factors of these glasses.

nReal Light

These new glasses – called nReal Light – can produce very high-quality, vivid images through micro-displays. Bring the LED in front of the user’s eyes, including simple images such as videos or Instagram feeds (taken directly from the user’s phone). But the important point is that due to equipping these glasses with two cameras in the front (for spatial tracking), it will be possible for the user to place graphic content on real world phenomena. These glasses can probably prove to everyone that augmented reality is not just a trick or trick. Not to mention, the nReal Light only costs $599 (compared to the $3,500 HoloLens glasses).

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

It was 2020 when Microsoft market a different product under the title Microsoft Surface Duo did This smartphone consisted of two separate screens and seemed to be a good option for multitasking. But contrary to expectations, the software part of this device was accompanied by major problems and successive hangs sent a flood of criticism towards this product. In October 2021, Microsoft decided to release an updated version of this phone – under the name Surface Duo 2 – compensates for the shortcomings of the previous model, but apparently, the problems still remain; The problem of apps hanging continues and sometimes one of the screens freezes (while the other screen is active). Another issue is the slight lag in touch input, which makes typing difficult.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

If the Surface Duo 2 was an inexpensive device from a small startup, it would be Flaws overlooked, but it’s unfortunate that the Surface Duo — at a relatively high price of $1,400 — is a Microsoft product; A company that is known as the software giant of the world. Maybe now the reason for the decline of Windows Phone can be better understood.

Apple AirTag Tracker

Most experts believe that Apple enters any category, it comes out proud. But the little tracker AirTag – which Apple It was designed to find personal items – literally a catastrophic failure. The technology behind AirTag is very innovative. This tiny tracker — which plugs into your device of choice — emits Bluetooth signals on its own. If your device is lost, these signals can be detected by any Apple device equipped with iOS. Then that device sends the exact location of the lost device to Apple’s Find My network. In this way, even if your personal device is lost on the other side of the world, if the iPhone or iPad is located near it, you can find out the exact location of your device.

Apple AirTag

So far we have talked about the positive points of AirTag . But imagine if anyone could easily track you by placing an AirTag in your pocket, bag or car. Of course, Apple has taken measures to prevent abuse of this tracker. If an unknown AirTag moves with you or follows you, you will be notified by an alert on your iPhone. But the problem is that this method is not error-free. First, people may not check their iPhone for hours. Secondly, Android users cannot receive this warning unless they actively download the corresponding application. It should be noted that several cases of theft of luxury cars using AirTag have been reported in the United States. Tracking women with AirTags attached to their cars is another reported horror story in the United States.

Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook – or rather Meta – In 2021, in cooperation with Ray-Ban, he will design and produce glasses A smartness called Ray-Ban Stories, which was made using a camera. One of the most important features of these glasses is that it allows the user to start recording video easily without hand intervention. The cameras embedded in these glasses are small and their location is chosen in such a way that no one notices it. In this way, unlike many smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories has a completely non-smart look and looks exactly like a normal sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Stories

be also But the problem shows itself when you know that the user can record video without permission and without anyone else noticing, by being in a certain place. This issue can cause many concerns regarding privacy violations. Considering Facebook’s bad history in the field of violating users’ privacy, it is unlikely that we will see other controversies in the near future, the main cause of which is Ray-Ban Stories glasses.

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