A look at Huawei’s June HarmonyOS event with two tablets, two watches and a flagship family?

A look at Huawei’s June HarmonyOS event with two tablets, two watches and a flagship family?

A look at Huawei’s June HarmonyOS event with two tablets, two watches and a flagship family?

News unit EMGblog.com: Only a few more days to June 2, 2021 ( June 12, 1400) The time for the HarmonyOS Huawei event remains; An event that, according to its name, focuses more on the presentation of the company’s Harmony software platform for various devices, and where various devices equipped with this operating system (at least two tablets, two watches, and possibly a flagship family) will be presented. In the few days left until this event, apart from unofficial sources and unconfirmed news, Huawei itself has provided information about what to expect from this meeting with promotional teasers. In the following article, by summarizing these news, we will deal with the expectations from this event.

After Huawei from accessing Google, Huawei’s efforts to get out of the shadow of Android accelerated, and shortly after in the summer of 2019, from the company’s new platform called HarmonyOS unveiled; This operating system, which was initially described as a microkernel or a minimalist set of software to run an operating system, according to the CEO of Huawei, is suitable for use in a wide range of categories from smart speakers, automobiles and computers to smartwatches, tablets and of course smartphones, and although Apparently, it is still based on the Android operating system, but it offers a different structure from Androids equipped with Google services. Huawei recently announced the official release of HarmonyOS at the end of March 2021. news and Mate X2 announced as the first recipient of this platform.

The first whispers about the possible products presented at the June 2nd event started a few weeks ago where unconfirmed news told of the introduction of two tablets and two smartwatches at the event. The mentioned tablets are two products from the MatePad family with the possible names of MatePad 2 and MatePad Pro 2. Apparently, the first one is a 12.2-inch model and the second one uses a 12.6-inch screen. Among other unconfirmed information about the bigger tablet, this time it is the presence of the processor Kirin 9000 and a new user interface called PadOS, which is apparently a special and custom version of the Harmony platform for tablets. Other details gleaned from regulatory filings for the tablet show it to be 5G-equipped, with a 40W wired charger and a 27W wireless charger, all three of which are common for a flagship device Huawei are considered.

Screenshot attributed to HarmonyOS 2.0 on Huawei MatePad Pro 2

In one of its latest teasers for this event, Huawei published an image of an M-Pencil, which previously speculated about support. At least one of the tablets (probably the MatePad Pro 2) will make the device a reality from the included stylus. Among the other features expected for these tablets is the ability to cooperate with other Huawei devices, including smartphones and Windows 10 laptops of this brand, through which the image of the smartphone can be displayed on the tablet and controlled.

According to previous news, Huawei will also unveil two smart watches in this event, which news sources introduce as Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. These two smartwatches, whose introduction on June 2, according to Huawei’s teaser in this field with an image of the button next to the watch, seems certain, are equipped with a special version of the Harmony operating system, which offers a different appearance from Huawei’s previous experiences in this field. One of the expected changes in one or both of these watches is equipping them with an electronic SIM or eSIM option, through which calls can be made separately and independently from the phone. Although this option does not seem to benefit the watch in terms of battery consumption, news sources have reported promising battery life for this series.

But this is not the whole story of the 2nd June event and after waiting for a long time and after being postponed a couple of times, it seems that it is finally the turn of Huawei P50 series flagships. This news, which was announced unofficially many times, has now become official with Huawei’s new teaser with two circular protrusions indicating the camera lenses, and we can confidently say that the P50 family will be present at this event. Of course, the nature of this presence is not yet clear, and different scenarios have been proposed in this regard, from a full unveiling to a brief reference to this family as recipients of the HarmonyOS platform.

We have seen the prominence of the camera lenses in the P50 many times before in the images attributed to this phone, and their presence in the Huawei teaser practically has no other meaning than confirming the previous plans. According to unofficial news, a 1-inch sensor (apparently Sony IMX800) is used for the main camera in the structure of this series. Sharp Aquos R6 was used, but the presence of Huawei’s long-time partner, Leica, along with Sharp is also news. It is an inconvenience for Huawei.

Huawei from equipping nearly 300 million devices worldwide with Harmony operating system This company has spoken until the end of this year; A figure that, apart from the devices lined up for unveiling, also includes a large collection of Huawei’s current phones and tablets (which are equipped with this operating system through an update) and is a kind of Huawei’s extensive effort in the software sector to deal with the damage caused Has informed this collection during the last two years.

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