8% decrease in the share of Android in the mobile market in the last five years

8% decrease in the share of Android in the mobile market in the last five years

8% decrease in the share of Android in the mobile market in the last five years

Although the number of Android phones in the world is more than the number of Apple phones Statistics show that Google’s mobile operating system has faced a slow decline in market share in the last five years. As a result of the decrease in the share of Android, the share of iOS has increased, but the difference between the two operating systems is still large. As Wccftech writes, quoting StockApps data, the Android operating system in 2018 reached 77. It had 32% of the market share. Google’s mobile operating system has not been able to maintain this share in the market, and after five years, Android now has 69.74% of the market share. Android still owns almost two-thirds of the mobile operating system market. Five years ago, iOS’s share of the market was 19.4%, and since then, Apple has been able to gradually increase its share of the operating system, and after five year to reach 25.49 percent. Since Microsoft stopped official support for Windows Phone, this operating system has been out of the statistics and the rest of the mobile platforms have faced a 7.58% drop in their share over a five-year period.

In most regions, users go to Android as their first choice, because Android phones They have a high variety and cover a very wide price range. In the United States, iOS is still more popular, and Android has managed to consolidate its position in Asia and South America. According to statistics, Android has 81% and 90% of the shares in the two mentioned markets, respectively.

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Increasing Apple’s share of The mobile operating system market may be the result of the company’s efforts in recent years to produce cheaper phones such as iPhone SE. Although the iPhone SE isn’t selling well, it’s equipped with hardware that can beat even the most expensive Android phones. Apple also sells other phones and provides excellent software support for them, which is why iPhones are so popular.

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