5 reasons to buy Huawei nova 9 mobile phone

5 reasons to buy Huawei nova 9 mobile phone

5 reasons to buy Huawei nova 9 mobile phone

At present, due to the large number of brands and models of smart phones, especially in the medium price category, on the one hand, the hands of the buyer are very open and from On the other hand, choosing among these many options has become a bit difficult.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to review the 5 main reasons to buy the Huawei Nova 9 smartphone and check its main features to make the selection process a little easier for the lovers of this product.

120 Hz screen

Currently, most flagship phones are equipped with screens with a 120 Hz image refresh rate, and this feature has gradually spread to mid-range phones as well. Nova 9 is one of the mid-range products that has this capability. The higher the image update rate, the smoother the movements on the phone screen and without image skipping. This feature is very efficient and wonderful not only when watching high-quality videos and playing games, but even when moving between menus or reading text. This feature is especially evident when you try two mobile phones with a 60 or 90 Hz screen refresh rate next to a 120 Hz model at the same time. In addition, the 6.57-inch OLED screen of the Nova 9 uses curved edges, which, in addition to making the phone more comfortable, has helped the screen-to-body ratio to reach 90%.

Camera 50 megapixels with RYYB standard Nova 9 uses a quad camera, the main role of which is played by a 50 megapixel camera. This camera is placed in the upper part of the module alone and is covered by a metal ring. The most important thing about this camera that attracts attention is the RYYB sensor. Huawei is the first company to use this type of sensor in the camera of its phones, and the P30 Pro is the first model with its excellent camera performance. But this sensor has become more advanced in Nova 9 and helps you capture more attractive and brighter images in different conditions. If we want to explain this feature briefly, we should mention the standard arrangement of sensors, which is RGGB, and each pixel uses one red, two green, and one blue color. In Huawei’s RYYB sensor, two green sensors have been replaced by two yellow sensors that have the ability to pass green and red colors at the same time. In this way, the Nova 9 camera lens has the ability to receive more light and capture brighter and warmer images than normal cameras.

4300mAh battery with 66W charger

Superb touch screen performance while playing

Many of us play with our mobile phones for a few minutes during the day. There are also some people who have done this professionally and have special skills in online games and first-person shooting. To play such games, in addition to powerful hardware, touch screen performance is also very important. Nova 9 uses 300 Hz multi-touch technology and therefore has very high accuracy and sensitivity to touching the screen. The combination of this 300 Hz multi-touch sensitivity and 120 Hz image update rate will make your operation speed much higher and will be a winning card for you in online games.

Attractive and unique body design

Huawei used a metal frame and a glass back frame in the design of the Nova 9, which is rare in this price category. The use of this material along with the unique combination of light blue and purple colors with a matte coating has given the Nova 9 a completely stunning appearance. Using this matte cover does not leave any fingerprints or smudges on the phone frame. Huawei has named this particular color combination color code number 9. Of course, Nova 9 phone will be available in black color in domestic markets. The composition of the camera module has a very special appearance and at first glance you can see that you have a Nova 9 in your hand.

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