257% growth of OnePlus global sales in the first half of 2021

257% growth of OnePlus global sales in the first half of 2021

257% growth of OnePlus global sales in the first half of 2021

According to Gizmochina, OnePlus yesterday in an event of Oneplus 9r which was launched in early 2021 and the upcoming OnePlus phones are expected to offer a significant upgrade and valuable experience. do In this event, before talking about OnePlus 9 RT, the company announced its sales figures for this year and surprised everyone. According to Pete Lao, the founder of OnePlus, In the last 6 months (the first half of 2021), this company recorded a 257% increase in global smartphone sales compared to the same period last year, and in China, there was a similar increase in the number of shipments with a growth rate of 124% compared to last year. .

According OnePlus has reportedly grown the most in the US and European markets and continues to hold the largest share of the premium smartphone market in India. The interesting thing is that the global sales of OnePlus are expected to reach 10 million units.

That OnePlus is gradually merging its reputation and technology with Oppo and is eager to expand its smartphone portfolio even more. , not surprisingly.

  • Oneplus 9 RT announced at a price of less than $600
  • OnePlus Buds Z2 with 38-hour battery life and support for Dolby Atmos was officially introduced

Oneplus moving towards ColorOS and the abandonment of OxygenOS, which has its own fans, have not been welcomed; But the company has promised better software support. The latest flagships of OnePlus that One ​​Plus 9, One ​​Plus 9 Pro and One Plus 9 R, all equipped with OxygenOS based on ColorOS; But it remains to be seen whether consumers are willing to accept it or not. Huawei Mobile) was appointed Vice President of OnePlus. In China, Li has played a big role in selling tens of millions of Huawei devices and the success of this company. He now hopes to do the same for OnePlus and help the brand reach the 10 million devices mark. >

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