19% growth in CMOS image sensor sales in 2018

19% growth in CMOS image sensor sales in 2018

19% growth in CMOS image sensor sales in 2018

According to industry market analysts and information published on IC Insights website, CMOS image sensor sales in This year has seen a significant growth compared to the previous year. The amount of global income from the sale of these sensors has reached 13.7 billion dollars since the beginning of 2018, with a 10% increase compared to the previous year.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this growth can be said The sale is the expansion of the use of CMOS sensors in digital cameras related to vehicles, as well as its use in technologies related to machine vision, in addition to the use of these sensors in technologies related to identity recognition and security systems. However, in the meantime, the increasing use of this type of image sensor in advanced smartphone cameras should not be ignored. Smartphones that use multiple sensors and have great quality have made CMOS image sensors more popular.

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In 2017, about 62 percent The market share of CMOS sensor sales was related to its use in smartphone cameras. But since the need for this sensor is increasing in other sectors such as cameras related to cars, we expect the 62% market share to decrease to 45% by 2022. This means that the market share of other sectors in the use of CMOS image sensors will be greater than the smartphone market.

Overall, CMOS image sensors accounted for 89% of sales in 2017. This figure was 74% in 2012 and 54% in 2007. In terms of the amount of CMOS sensor supply in 2017, about 81% of the sensors supplied to the market were sold, which shows a good growth in 2018.

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