134 thousand active applications in HarmonyOS and 4 million registered developers – bright horizons for Huawei

134 thousand active applications in HarmonyOS and 4 million registered developers – bright horizons for Huawei

134 thousand active applications in HarmonyOS and 4 million registered developers – bright horizons for Huawei

News Unit EMGblog.com: According to the news on Thursday, June 10 2021 (June 20, 1400) released, the competition called Apps Up of Huawei It has officially started its work. The purpose of this competition plan, which is actually a name for Huawei HMS Global Application Innovation Competition 2021, is to encourage developers around the world to include Huawei HMS Core capabilities in applications in order to produce and develop innovative apps. According to the latest statistics, by the end of May 2021, the number of registered developers of Huawei’s HarmonyOS platform has exceeded 4 million, and the applications integrated with HMS Core have also reached 134,000.

Huawei Apps Up competitions will launch simultaneously in five major regions of the world, namely China, Europe, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and has created various prizes, including a special prize of $1 million for those present in this particular competition. The Chinese giant will not only provide other incentives such as support resources to participants, but also exclusive incentives for developers in terms of payment capabilities using HMS Core.

Huawei has also unveiled HMS Core 6.0 in this ceremony and published information about the special role of Huawei Cloud and the cloud terminal service of this company called Cloud-Cloud Synergy to facilitate the performance of developers. With the help of the Huawei HMS Global Application Innovation Competition, the Chinese giant hopes to stimulate the innovative power of app developers around the world and provide more intelligent and innovative applications and services for various scenarios, thereby continuing to enrich the HMS ecosystem. .

Huawei claims that HarmonyOS is currently the third largest mobile ecosystem in the world and tens of thousands of applications are used by more than 10 million users. Of course, this claim can be accepted or rejected based on how mobile ecosystems are counted and classified. Also, HMS Core provides developers with more than 60 different functions in addition to the five main services of map, search, payment, browser and advertising; This will help developers to expand their business by increasing user engagement. It should be noted that the eligible devices that are compatible with HarmonyOS 2.0 migrate, apps and data will be preserved (with the exception, of course, of apps that rely on Google Play Services). By making this platform compatible with existing applications, Huawei seeks to replace HarmonyOS to run applications that are designed to work with the Android operating system.

According to Ms. Chen Lifang, one of the senior managers of Huawei “We are moving towards the world of digital intelligence. In fact, we are living in an era full of applications; Apps that have made our work and life easier than before. This issue cannot be separated from the efforts and participation of thousands of developers.” He uses the metaphors of “tree” and “root” to explain the close relationship between the HMS ecosystem and developers, adding, “A tall tree must have [strong] roots. The process of expanding and deepening the HMS ecosystem is not only the result of technological evolution and capability, but also directly results from the close cooperation between Huawei and many developers. I believe that gradually more and more people will come together through the HMS platform.”

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