Your Opinion: Will Apple’s bid to woo old PC users succeed with the new iPad Pro?

Your Opinion: Will Apple’s bid to woo old PC users succeed with the new iPad Pro?

Your Opinion: Will Apple’s bid to woo old PC users succeed with the new iPad Pro?

Today, Apple announced at its ceremony that many users are using Windows-equipped PCs that are more than 5 years old, which is very unfortunate. It’s a load! Apple officially invited the users of these computers to abandon their old devices and go to Apple’s iPad Pro. But can this solution satisfy the old Windows market?

A PC and an iPad are fundamentally different. together they have that Apple has not mentioned it and may mislead users. A PC is equipped with an operating system for desktop and laptop computers with a high level of flexibility and all kinds of ports and facilities. The new iPad Pro tablet has a good screen, is easy to use, and uses a quality camera capable of 4K video recording, each of which can be tempting in its own way.

But the problem starts when. If you want to use this product as a PC. The software that old PC users have been using for years have not yet reached the desired maturity in the world of tablets and iPads, and this issue can be limiting for users. When you want to use an iPad tablet as a replacement for your PC or laptop, you need to buy a variety of accessories. A keyboard is the minimum thing you should have with you.

But still, you can’t easily connect the flash memory to it and transfer different files or edit them quickly. Apple has many restrictions for transferring files to its mobile devices, which makes the restrictions in this field very high compared to a PC. Playing different types of files in different formats is another limitation that can be mentioned. An iPad is complete when a computer (either PC or Mac) is present next to it. The new iPad Pro, which Apple claims can replace old PCs, costs $599. The cost of the keyboard is also added to this price, and various accessories must be purchased to connect a memory card or camera. With this amount of money, the user can upgrade his old PC system to a completely new product or even if he needs a tool with a tablet-like design, he can go to buy Microsoft Surface products and use his usual tools on a new platform. Use it.

What do you think? If you have a computer that is 5 years old, are you willing to trade it for a new iPad Pro?

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