Will Apple finally produce a game console?

Will Apple finally produce a game console?

Will Apple finally produce a game console?

For years, the rumor of the powerful presence of Apple in the market gaming consoles. A highly competitive market that is dominated by two computer game hardware and software giants, Sony and Microsoft. Many experts believe that it is because of the strong presence of these two companies that Apple has restricted its entry into this attractive market in recent years, but we must not forget that when Sony introduced the PlayStation to the market for the first time, Atari and Nintendo were the rulers of the computer game industry.

When Microsoft entered the home game console market, Sony was selling PlayStation 2 was, but today we see the release of powerful consoles by Redmondi. So it is not unlikely that Apple will make this big leap and enter the lucrative industry of game consoles; Just as it entered the smartphone market in 2007. iPhone and iPad changed the world forever when they entered the market, why doesn’t Apple change the industry of these games by releasing a home game console?

Two powerful consoles on the market

A console to compete with XBOX ONE X and PS4

Apple has always been a leading company in the field of information technology and if it decides to make a home console, It will definitely produce a quality product, in terms of hardware, at the level of current consoles (if not better). Especially in the current conditions where 4K TVs have become popular and available to everyone. Undoubtedly, the new Apple console must have a unique feature such as offering UHD quality in order to attract the attention of gamers. On the other hand, it will not be difficult to convince game companies to produce flagship titles for the Apple console, after the Cupertinos have made the final decision to enter the game industry. Although so far there is no serious and reliable news about Apple’s plan to make a home console, if the final decision is made to produce it, it should provide users with a future-oriented experience because providing an experience similar to the current generation consoles cannot be successful for this It brought a famous and popular brand.

iGame or iPlay? What will be the name of the possible Apple console?

When a home console is a quality product and meets the expectations of gamers, what difference does it have a name? We currently have products such as iphone, ipod, ipad, apple music and We have iTunes, why not the name of Apple’s possible console iPlay? Considering the tradition of Cupertinos in naming their products, iplay can be the best possible option and attract gamers.

The strong presence of Sony and Microsoft makes Apple hesitant to enter the industry. Played

Apple can choose different names such as iPlay and iPlay 4K when launching its home console, depending on the strategy of its marketing team. Supplying flagship games and collaborating with experienced studios and developers will be the next challenge for the American hardware giant. While the two main consoles on the market, PlayStation and Xbox, use processors with X64 architecture, Apple can easily run many common games between current platforms, such as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, using hardware with the same architecture. .

Offering a wide range of games

There are already some of the best developers in the App Store and they are providing very high quality games on the platform iOS have been developed. The loyalty of programmers and developers can make Apple a very serious contender in the field of production and supply of flagship games. Undoubtedly, big companies like Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft will never miss the opportunity to cooperate with the game platform of the Cupertino giant, and considering the financial strength of Apple’s marketing department, this company can attract its audience.

Virtual Reality Headset Apple

Apple is in sync It moves with the market trend and seeks to launch its own virtual reality headset. Maybe the Cupertinos will give up the presence in the home console market altogether and settle for only offering a powerful virtual reality headset. They have so far released a wide range of smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops, which makes it likely that a quality VR headset will be released in 2019.

Why Apple Console Does it not produce home games?

It seems that despite all the hardware and software facilities, the production of computer games is not in the nature of Cupertinos, because all of Apple’s efforts in the direction of education and achieving various goals are based on The use of computers and other digital tools is concentrated, except for computer games. In this regard, turning Mac into a gaming platform is a fundamental change for Cupertinos. Mac technology today includes a wide range of laptops and integrated computers, none of which can accommodate a large processor that produces a lot of heat.


On the other hand, Apple has to convince game companies and developers to create and market games for the Mac platform. It’s a business decision for these companies that will mean spending a lot of time adjusting to Apple’s gaming platform. Undoubtedly, the development companies active in the game industry never accept such a risk for the limited market and try to adapt their games for the Apple platform with the help of an intermediary and only get a part of the profit.

Focus on Development of flagship games in the App Store

Mac platformThere is no time for games and Apple TV span does not have the necessary capacity to become a gaming platform. Before this, it was expected that Apple TV would become a cheap game console, but this is also due to the change in Apple’s policies. Canceled.

Apple TV

It can be said that Apple’s most successful experience in the game industry is limited to making exclusive titles for the iPhone/iPad platform. Currently, hundreds of thousands of games for iPhone and iPad are available to users in the App Store, some of which are considered to be the top games on the market, which is due to the efforts of the Cupertino giant to turn iPhone/iPad into a suitable gaming platform. If the major market development companies are willing to produce games for the iPhone/iPad platform, Apple can earn more money from the game industry than any other company; Even more than giants like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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