What smartphone does the CEO of Xiaomi use?

What smartphone does the CEO of Xiaomi use?

What smartphone does the CEO of Xiaomi use?

Have you ever wondered what kind of smartphone the CEOs of big tech companies use? Li Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, on the social network Weibo photo has published his personal smartphone, which includes not one model, but 4 different models!

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While it is possible that the recent action of the CEO of Xiaomi is just a ploy to gain public opinion, knowing the exact names of the models that the CEO of Xiaomi uses It will be interesting. It is clear that all 4 models are Xiaomi products: Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Redmi Note 11T Pro and Xiaomi Civi . Li Jun says:

You may have noticed that I have changed several phone models on Weibo recently (the device model is displayed next to the post) and you may have questions about the mobile phone models. In fact, all the recent devices you have seen in the Weibo post are on my desk, and sometimes I use them all at the same time (translated from Chinese with the help of a translator Google)

Unfortunately, in this photo, we do not see the unofficial unveiling of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and Xiaomi has released all the present smartphones. They have officially introduced the photo. The question that arises is, how does the CEO of Xiaomi use all 4 devices at the same time? However, it may be a translation error.

Recently Bill Gates, co-founder and CEO The former Microsoft also announced his phone model in response to a question on Reddit, which was not Microsoft Surface Duo contrary to public belief! In this comment, it was revealed that even Bill Gates also prefers Galaxy Z Fold 3 to Surface Duo.

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Steve Wozniak , the co-founder of Apple, who is also considered one of the controversial figures of Apple due to his comments about the superiority of Android and the understated beauty of Windows Phone, recently announced that he bought the iPhone 13 Is. Among the controversial comments of “Wozniak” can be His opinion for Apple’s action to produce Android phones and His concern about the iPhone falling behind the fold phones and The absence of a significant difference between the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7 with the previous generation pointed out.

What is your opinion of EMGblog users about the phone of the CEO of Xiaomi? Are the important figures of the companies obliged to use the same company’s products?

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