Weather information in Pixel 6’s At a Glance tool has disappeared for some users

Weather information in Pixel 6’s At a Glance tool has disappeared for some users

Weather information in Pixel 6’s At a Glance tool has disappeared for some users

Recently, some users of Pixel 6 series phones PhoneArena, several users of Pixel 6 series phones have announced on Reddit that weather information from The At a Glance widget disappears from their device screen. One of the Pixel 6 users named PurficPourBY has managed to bring this widget back to his phone screen. He said:

One way I can get the At a Glance widget back is to hold down the date to see the settings and then turn the weather section off and on again. .

PurficPourBY actually refers to the At a Glance settings menu. To access this section, you need to touch and hold the widget to view the Personalization menu. Then tap on the menu that appears and in the next step, select the At a Glance Settings cogwheel icon.

Then tap on See more features. At this point, you will be taken to the At a Glance widget settings page. In the Personalization section, tap Location history, which is labeled Turn on for accurate weather info and location-related features.

Now you need to make sure that device location is turned on. You may need to turn location off and on again at this point. Now check if weather information has been added to the At a Glance widget.

Another Reddit user said he also faced the same problem and the weather information disappeared from the At a Glance widget on his device. and after a week it is back to its original state. Another user on Reddit pointed out that due to this issue, downloaded another application from the Google Store and installed it on his device.

Another user named polyblackcat wrote on Reddit:

Does this problem still happen? I have already encountered such a bug in my Pixel 4a 5G; But I have not had such a problem for several years. I put the Google weather tool on the home screen and even now different versions of the app sometimes show different temperatures. This is an area of ​​attention to detail that Google should focus more on. Such problems do not interfere with doing essential tasks on the phone; But facing it is not a pleasant feeling.

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It is not yet clear if all users have the problem of weather information disappearing in the At a Glance widget Pixel phones have faced or not. However, Google has added new features to this widget separately. Users using Bluetooth accessories can now see the remaining battery percentage of their devices on this widget. One of the most useful features of the mentioned widget is the ability to remind you to disable alerts if you are closed the next day, which we hope will be available as soon as possible. Certainly, one of the reasons for choosing Pixel phones for many users is features like the At a Glance widget; Features that are sometimes not available to iPhone users by default, and to use them, they have to buy third-party applications. Of course, there are many applications for displaying weather information available in the Google Store; But the At a Glance widget provides an easy and quick way to get important information at a glance, which is what made it so popular.

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