Watch: torture and durability test of Oppo Find N folding phone

Watch: torture and durability test of Oppo Find N folding phone

Watch: torture and durability test of Oppo Find N folding phone

Notchless Opo Find N screen design that has a decent size It is stunning. This display takes a different approach than Samsung with the ‘Flexion’ hinge, allowing the screen to be more flexible.

As for the durability of the hinge, it’s surprisingly well protected against dust. In a fresh report from Gsmarena and thanks to a new durability test video from JerryRigEverything, see now See how the Oppo Find N withstands torture tests.

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The external display uses Gorilla Glass Victus cover; While Oppo has also installed the default protection on it. JerryRigEverything’s video shows that an object with a hardness of 6 scratches the Gorilla Glass coating; But with a difficulty level of 7, the depth of the scratch increases.

The story is different on the internal screen. Folding screens are softer than regular screens; Therefore, the said phone can create permanent scratches on the screen at level 2 hardness, and this can be easily done even with the use of nails. In addition, the power button is integrated with a fingerprint sensor that can be scratched; But it is indented. The Oppo folding phone has a glass cover with a special texture on the back panel, and this glass makes the blade leave marks. On the other hand, all the components of the camera are protected by a glass that does not show scratches; So there is no problem.

  • Opo Find N has no creases even after opening and closing 100,000 times

After passing the lighter tests without major issues, the Find N flip phone did very well against the dust test. After dumping a handful of sand on the inner screen and closing it a few times, the damage was less than expected. Finally, the phone survived the bend test. The hinge structure of Oppo Find N is strong and the phone cannot be bent when closed.

Oppo Find N is currently only sold in China; But there is a possibility that the global version will also be released. There is still no official report on the time of possible release in international markets.

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