Watch: Samsung showcases a foldable display with three hinges in a promotional video

Watch: Samsung showcases a foldable display with three hinges in a promotional video

Watch: Samsung showcases a foldable display with three hinges in a promotional video

After 3 years, another exhibition Display Week 2022 was held and as always, Samsung Display was one of its biggest participants. In this exhibition, the Koreans exposed a wide range of sliding and folding OLED panels to the public. In addition to designs such as Flex G and Flex S, which were unveiled earlier in January at CES, we saw more daring and ambitious designs from the Korean giant at this exhibition.

Before starting, we invite you to By watching the video below, learn more about the concept of folding, vertical and horizontal sliding panels.

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As you can see, generation Next, Samsung screens are much more attractive than we thought. From all kinds of flexible displays to folding and sliding. In fact, with the newly introduced examples, Samsung offers a total of 7 types of flexible displays, each of which is named and described below:

  • Samsung probably is working on a smartphone with a flexible sliding display
    • Flex Bar: displays that fold vertically; Like the Galaxy Z Flip series.
    • Flex Square: panels that fold horizontally; Like the Galaxy Z Fold series.
    • Flex G: a screen with two hinges where the end of two smaller screens are placed on top of each other. These screens can be folded in or out.
    • Flex S: A simpler model than Flex G, where all three parts of the screen have the same size, and when you open it, you will have a much larger and wider screen.
    • Flex Note: A large display that folds in half. This screen will be used mostly for laptops, which can be used from the right or left side as a touch keyboard.
    • Flex Slide: A screen that slides open from both sides and can eventually be used as a larger screen.
    • Flex Roll: A display similar to Flex Slide with the difference that the sliding part is only in one part (generally at the top of the screen).

    Some of the models introduced by Samsung have the same function and their differences are only summarized in the way of implementing the idea. For example, Flex G and Flex S both use three hinges and differ only in the folding method. Also, Flex Roll and Flex Slide are in a similar situation.

    • Galaxy S23 Ultra may come with a 200 megapixel sensor

    Samsung Display has used a 6.7-inch screen to display the Flex Roll, which can be opened vertically and slidingly for browsing the web and social networks to increase the space available to the user. Also, Flex Slide is an 8.1-inch screen, which increases to 12.4 inches when opened.

    When do you think attractive panels like Flex Roll and Flex Slide will be used commercially? Will they get it?

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