Wall Street analysts: Even the economic recession cannot slow down the iPhone sales market

Wall Street analysts: Even the economic recession cannot slow down the iPhone sales market

Wall Street analysts: Even the economic recession cannot slow down the iPhone sales market

Despite the not so good performance of smartphones all over the world, it seems that the sales of iPhone 13 series in It’s in good shape, and Apple expects the iPhone 14 to appear even brighter than the iPhone 13. Wall Street analysts have repeatedly made positive predictions about the iPhone 14 family of phones. Elite market analysts believe that if the world’s major economies enter a recession, Apple iPhones can still outsell other phones in the market.

According to Reuters, Apple, which will release its latest financial report on July 28, 2022 (6 August 1401), has recently announced its expectations for iPhone 14 sales to supply chain members. . Meanwhile, it is said that the Cupertino company is going through the trial production phase of the iPhone 14.

Apple is currently one of the most successful phone manufacturers in the world and has a very good position in the mobile industry, so analysts say that inflation in basic items such as food And even fuel has not been able to make a big impact on the company’s income from its users; Because Apple phones have a high price and most of the users who purchase these devices are among the affluent sections of the society. This claim of the analysts comes while the CEO of one of the companies monitoring the market believes that the demand for electronic products will gradually decrease this year and next year.

Economic problems in China have caused the size of the market Smartphones will decrease significantly. According to global sales statistics, the phone experienced an annual drop of 10% and reached 96 million units in May 2022 (May and June 1401). Counterpoint Research says May 2022 was the second time in nearly a decade that monthly smartphone sales fell below 100 million units.

Reuters writes that two knowledgeable sources in the iPhone supply chain have claimed that good sales of Apple phones continue even this month. Meanwhile, there are signs of decreasing demand for phones from other companies. “Other companies are slowly getting hit,” one of the sources told Reuters.

This was very unexpected; Because usually, iPhone sales decrease in the summer of every year (especially the first two months) due to customers waiting for the unveiling of new iPhones at the end of the summer and their release in the fall. The analyst of Cowen Company says that one of the reasons for the continued good sales of the iPhone is that after the end of the recent quarantines in China, the Chinese demand for Apple phones increased greatly in a short time.

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Reuters says Apple has now started the trial production of iPhone 14 and plans to increase the volume of production in the next month so that the latest devices in the iPhone series will be launched on the market this fall. Informed sources have said that Apple’s expectations for the initial sales of the iPhone 14 are slightly higher than the sales that the iPhone 13 experienced. “Apple’s expectations are slightly higher than last year,” said one of the sources. It’s a good situation, but it’s not a huge difference from last year.” Some Wall Street analysts say that even taking into account that the production volume of the iPhone 13 in some factories is higher than expected, sales are expected The phones of this family have decreased a bit in the past season. Despite all this, analysts believe that the iPhone is going to perform much better than its competitors.

The Cowen Institute expects the decline in iPhone sales in the past quarter to be only 1%; Meanwhile, sales of other smartphones probably fell by 13%. The analyst of HI Investment & Securities Institute says that the iPhone is currently the only smartphone in the market that is experiencing very good sales, and thanks to the good sales of the iPhone, it is likely that in the second quarter of 2022, Samsung’s income will increase through display sales.

It is expected that the iPhone 14 series phones will be unveiled in a press conference before the end of summer. Shortly after the Apple event, these phones will be launched.

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