Wait for new LG G Pad tablets! (LG dusted)

Wait for new LG G Pad tablets! (LG dusted)

Wait for new LG G Pad tablets! (LG dusted)

LG has added three new tablets to its G pad series so that users have more options to choose from. The new G pad tablets include G Pad 10.1, G Pad 7.0 and G Pad 8.0, which will be unveiled at the MedPI 2014 conference. This conference is one of the largest IT technology trade fairs in Europe, which will be held from May 13th to 16th in Monaco. LG’s extensive portfolio of tablets, which includes the G Pad 8.3, will definitely strengthen LG’s presence in the tablet market.

G Pad 7.0: Designed to fit in one hand. LG’s smallest tablet is a mobile entertainment center that is both portable and powerful.

G Pad 8.0: LG’s mid-range tablet with its 8-inch screen gives you the perfect experience. It offers flexible multimedia and multiple functions.

G Pad 10.1: LG’s 10.1-inch tablet with a large screen and a suitable battery brings endless hours of entertainment.

Recent G pad tablets also include LG-specific UX features such as QPair 2.0 and Knock Code. With QPair, first introduced in G Pad 8.3, users can seamlessly connect to their Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive calls and messages, now with the updated version of QPair, users can reply directly from their G Pad . Additionally, Knock Code enables users to turn on and unlock their LG smartphone with just one simple action of entering a personal Knock pattern on the smartphone screen. Since the Knock pattern can be executed anywhere on the screen and with any size regardless of whether the screen is off or on, it is more convenient and secure. Knock Code is a sequence of two to eight consecutive knocks with more than eighty thousand possible combinations.

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