Threadripper vs. Core i9; Which is the best processor?

Threadripper vs. Core i9; Which is the best processor?

Threadripper vs. Core i9; Which is the best processor?

2017 has been a fruitful year for the processor market; In high-end platforms, AMD has entered the field with Threadripper processors and Intel with Core i series processors. In the meantime, Intel has released Core i9 series processors for the first time to compete with AMD. If you want the fastest processor, go for Intel. Core i9-7980XE is the fastest processor in this category; But its price of 2000 dollars is considered a big obstacle to buy this processor. If you are willing to save money, go for the Threadripper processors; These processors bring you the most performance for the price. AMD claims that with Threadripper processors, you will get the lowest price along with the best performance.

We pitted both chips against each other…and each scored victories. If your applications are sensitive to single-threaded performance, including games, the Core i9 and its higher frequency are a better choice; Although someone who uses their system for gaming and light work, it is better to go for lower-end platforms and processors like 7700k or Ryzen 1600. On the other hand, Threadripper processors can easily handle heavy tasks thanks to many cores and reasonable price.

The following table shows the specifications of Intel’s high-end processors:


name Core Crispy Frequency Turbo



L3 cache


PCIe 3.0




Core i5-7640X 0 4 04 4.0 GHz 4.2 GHz N/A 06 MB 16 112 W Q2’17 0 $242
Core i7-7740X 04 0 8 4.3 GHz 4.5 GHz 08 MB 0$339
Core i7-7800X 06 12 3.5 GHz 4.0 GHz

0 8.25


28 140 W 0$389
Core i7-7820X 08 16 3.6 GHz 4.3 GHz 4.5 GHz 11 MB 0$599
Core i9-7900X 10 20 3.3 GHz



44 0$999
Core i9-7920X 12 24 2.9 GHz 4.4 GHz

16.5 MB

Q3’17 $1199
Core i9-7940X 14 28 3.1 GHz



165 W $1399
Core i9-7960X 16 32 2.8 G Hz 4.2 GHz 22 MB $1699
Core i9- 7980XE 18 36 2.6 GHz



The complete specifications of Threadripper processors are listed in the following table:



Model Base Boost XFR L3





release date price
16 (32) 1950X 3.4 4.0 4.2 32 MB  180 W 64 Aug 10, 2017 $999
12 (24) 1920X 3.5 $799
1920 3.2 3.8 TBA 140 W TBA TBA
8 (16) 1900X 3.8 4.0 4.2 16 MB 180 W Aug 31, 2017 $549

Comparing the specifications of processors of the same price, Threadripper is undoubtedly the winner of the competition. The price of these processors starts from $549 and reaches $999; While Intel processors cost up to 1999 dollars. Also, Intel processors have more variety. In general, Threadripper processors have a higher base frequency, and on the other hand, Core i9 processors can achieve higher frequencies in boost mode. Both processors are unlocked and have the ability to overclock; Therefore, increasing the frequency for overclockers is a suitable option to increase efficiency.

Treadripper 1950X and 1920X processors along with X399 motherboards are available on August 10th. The 1900X octa-core processor will be released on August 31st. If the 1950X and 1920X processors don’t match your budget, news has been released about a new processor named 1920 (without X) with 12 cores and 24 threads, which has a lower operating frequency than the 1920X processor and will naturally have a lower price. It also seems that the power consumption of this processor will be 40 watts less than 1920X and around 140 watts.

On the other side are Intel processors. At the beginning of August, the 7900X processor was launched on the market with a price of $999. The i9-7920X 12-core processor will be released on August 28, and the company’s 14-, 16-, and 18-core processors will be released on September 25. The power consumption of Core i9 processors is less than that of Threadripper.

As you might expect, Core i9 processors outperform all previous Intel processors; Because Intel has outperformed AMD over the years, you might expect Intel processors to perform better than their rival counterparts; Intel claims that the Core i9-7980XE is the first desktop processor to surpass 1 teraflop of processing power. There is no doubt that this processor has more power than the most powerful processor of the Threadripper; But its double price ($1000 more) is a big obstacle for buyers with a limited budget. As mentioned, this processor will be released on September 25; Therefore, the only high-end Intel processor available in the market is called 7900X. Gordon Mahong, the writer of PC World, writes about this processor as follows:

In the case of the 7900X processor, we can conclude that this product is the fastest Intel processor to hit the market. It has been released.

Unfortunately, the bad news for Intel is the entry of Threadripper processors into the high-end processor market. Gordon Mahong says this about Threadripper processors:

Treadripper is arguably the fastest processor that has been offered to desktop computer users in human history.

Of course, all of these words were made before the presentation of Intel’s more expensive models, and Intel’s 14-, 16-, and 18-core processors will certainly have more power than the 7900X. In fact, the Threadripper processors (especially the 1950X) perform much better than the 7900X in multithreading, rendering, and video conversion applications. On the other hand, the 7900X processor performs better in games and software written in a single thread. Of course, AMD users who play games in addition to heavy processing should not be disappointed; The “Game Mode” mode in Threadripper processors increases the performance of these products in games to such an extent that the difference between the two chips is negligible.

Like the Ryzen chips we reviewed earlier, the Threadripper offers high performance at a very competitive price. For the price of a Core i9 processor (the author means 14, 16, and 18-core processors), you can have the most powerful processor of the Threadripper along with a fully professional graphics card.

  • Intel Introduced 18-core Core i9 processor at Computex 2017
  • Processor benchmark AMD Threadripper Leaked

The chipsets used by Intel and AMD for high-end platforms are a bit confusing; Because both companies have used similar names; AMD Threadripper uses the X399 chipset and Core i9 processors use the X299 chipset. The X299 chipset uses the LGA-2066 socket (with 2066 connection pins) and the X399 chipset uses the LGA-4096 socket. Threadripper and Core i9 processors cannot be used with other platforms; This means that Threadripper cannot be launched with Ryzen motherboards and Core i9 cannot be launched with Skylake or Kaby Lake motherboards.

The X299 chipset has the following features:

  • Maximum 44 lines PCI Express third generation (with the ability to set up two ports 16X or four 8X ports)
  • DDR4 2666 memory as four channels
  • Improved Turbo Boost Max 3 technology in Core i7-7820X models and above
  • The number of SATA ports 3 to eight and the number of USB ports 3 to 10 (the number of USB 3 ports on the X99 platform was six

The price of X299 motherboards from manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte, Ezrak, MSI and EVGA is between $200 and $500.

AMD X399 chipset has the following advantages:

  • Using 66 PCI Express Generation 3 lanes in full (Treadripper supports 64 PCI Express lanes; but the motherboard manufacturer can add two more lines to it)
  • Support for several graphics cards in the form of SLI or Crossfire
  • DDR4 2666 four-channel memory
  • 12 SATA ports
  • 14 USB 3.1 generation 1 ports, 2 USB 3 ports 1. Generation 2 and 6 USB 2 ports

Current AMD X399 platform motherboards have a little difference in price. The price of these products ranges from a little below $400 to a little more than that. So if you don’t act smart in your purchases, you will lose the advantage of the low price of the processor. has it; The problem is heat dissipation. This problem is more visible in Threadripper processors; However, Core i9 processors also require high-quality cooling to dissipate heat. The best solution to completely remove heat and increase the life of parts is to use liquid cooling. Based on your choice, the budget for buying liquid cooling can vary up to $120.

If you want to have a system with a Treadripper processor and you don’t have the patience to collect parts and assemble it, Alienware is the only company that currently sells ready-made Treadripper cases. According to AMD, using 128GB LR-DIMM memory, you can theoretically have up to 1TB of RAM memory. Of course, AMD claims that this platform can have up to 2 TB of RAM; But due to the lack of 256 GB modules, this issue has not been officially confirmed by the company. has created the Threadripper processors; While Intel uses integrated chips. Therefore, AMD has more flexibility than Intel in making chips. Using Ryzen chips means that we don’t have to worry about the availability of Threadripper processors in the market. On the other hand, Intel’s 7900X processor is in short supply, and the retail market prices indicate that the price of this processor has increased compared to its price when it was introduced. This price increase is due to the purchase of most of the available processors by users and the market becoming empty of this processor.


Before buying a processor, you should consider your needs completely. If you need a system for gaming, buying high-end platforms is a complete mistake; Because a processor like 7700K or Ryzen 1600 brings you better performance in games. Buying a high-end platform, in addition to the cost you pay for the processor, will impose other costs such as motherboard, cooling system and more expensive power.

Another problem is finding programs. which can really make full use of all available cores. Our test with the 18-core Zeon processor confirms this. The figure below shows how much the Handbrake program uses this processor (this program is optimized for multithreading):

The use of many crisps is very limited; Tasks such as video conversion, rendering, working with software such as Premiere and Photoshop, and multimedia streaming are among these applications. So if you don’t deal with these applications, “paying huge sums of money for cores that sit idle” is a mistake!

After all this talk, our recommendation is Threadripper processors. Is; These processors, with their very reasonable price, have actually been able to take the lead in terms of performance and price. In the field of multithreading, these processors are unmatched. Between Core i9 and Threadripper, Threadripper is definitely the processor of choice.

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