The release of the new iPads has been delayed until next fall

The release of the new iPads has been delayed until next fall

The release of the new iPads has been delayed until next fall

It is not clear how disappointing the situation is for Apple’s popular tablets, but it seems that the situation is shaping up. which is not very satisfactory for this company. Although it was previously rumored that Apple will unveil its new series of tablets next spring, DigiTimes reported that the launch of these products has been postponed.

According to this report, which was published by quoting knowledgeable sources in the production chain of Apple products, the next Apple tablets are going to be introduced next fall during the company’s regular conference in December or October. become This date will make iPads to be introduced at the same time as next-generation iPhones, and without a doubt, the focus of the conference will be completely on iPads. In this way, it seems that Apple does not intend to put a lot of media pressure on tablets and launch them in different conditions.

Previously, KGI Institute reported that Apple in 2017 It will introduce three tablet models with dimensions of 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches, and it will try to make the 9.7-inch model a device with weaker specifications and the 10.5-inch model into the flagship of its tablets. Thus, the smaller iPad model will have an A9X processor and the larger models will have an A10X processor, and there is still no information available about the 7-inch iPads. Apparently, Apple’s supply chain problems to provide the parts needed to make 3 new models at the same time caused this delay.

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