The reason for the request of some representatives to ban iPhone imports: We are in an economic war

The reason for the request of some representatives to ban iPhone imports: We are in an economic war

The reason for the request of some representatives to ban iPhone imports: We are in an economic war

At the end of last week, the chairman of the 90th principle commission of the parliament in an interview with TV announced that by the end of the first half of this year, they will complete the issue of strict implementation of the ban on the import of American and luxury goods, especially iPhones. In this regard, it was emphasized that if the Ministry of Security and Economy does not fulfill the promises made to ban the import of these phones, the parliament will step in and follow the work. He commented on the reason why the parliament insists on banning the import of this phone. In a conversation with Isna regarding the issue of banning the import of luxury goods in the 90th principle committee of the Majlis, Khadzarian said:

In a situation where we are involved in an economic war and a lack of foreign exchange resources, and to provide the currency needed for basic goods and We are having problems with medicine, it is not reasonable to use foreign currency to import goods, including luxury phones.

According to him, last year, about three billion dollars were allocated for medicine; While nearly one billion dollars of foreign exchange was used for the import of luxury phones alone, and allocating this amount of currency for luxury goods is definitely not in the country’s interest, and in this regard, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade was also invited to the commission last year.

Prohibition The import is not specific to one product

The member of the 90th principle commission has stated that the issue of prohibiting the allocation of half currency to luxury goods as well as luxury phones is not specific to a specific product or brand; Rather, in any company, there can be a part of luxury products and a part of non-luxury products, the examples of which must be determined by the government with precise and transparent criteria. goods; But 25% of the currency is spent on its import, and there is no need to allocate half of the currency to phones that are used by less than 5% of the society, and the government should decide and take serious action in this regard.

He concluded. He emphasized: “The concern of the Ninety Principle Commission is that, in the conditions of economic war, subsidies from the public’s pockets should not be spent on importing luxury and unnecessary goods. It should be noted that the amount that is sometimes allocated to each luxury item as a currency subsidy is equal to the total subsidy paid to an USAian in several years; Therefore, in the current economic situation, such an action is definitely not in the public interest and is detrimental to the dear people.” The iPhone is happening while today the Mobile Importers Association announced in a statement that the import of mobile phones is not a luxury product, contrary to what is announced, and is a necessary product used by people. It was also emphasized in this statement that the iPhone is not the only product that some representatives of the country consider “luxury”. In this context, in Statement of Mobile Forum stated that: “Applying luxury to iPhones is due to their high price of 600 dollars. This is despite the fact that there is no such concept as luxury in the field of technology. There are various models from other brands in this price category, and the iPhone is not the only one in this price category.”

The text of this statement also refers to phones such as Samsung’s Z, S and Note series or Huawei’s new product, the P40. They are the flagship models of the market and according to their features and features, they cost more than 600 dollars and are considered as expensive as Apple brand phones. And it is written that: “Such a plan will affect 5,000 trade unions, which only operate in the field of supply and service of iPhone products.” According to the text of this statement, each of these trade units have created an average of 4 direct jobs and 40 indirect jobs, and cutting the supply chain will lead to widespread unemployment in these trade units.

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