The possibility of releasing an iPhone without a notch in 2024

The possibility of releasing an iPhone without a notch in 2024

The possibility of releasing an iPhone without a notch in 2024

For several years now, iPhone users have struggled with the notch at the top of their smartphone display. To be more specific, ever since FaceID was introduced with the iPhone X, the notch display has become a staple of smartphone design. It became a Cupertino company.

Meanwhile, Apple didn’t seem to care about user reactions; Because even the aforementioned notch has reached its newest MacBook Pros. However, today Ming-Chi Ku shared a tweet in which he mentioned the possibility of removing the notch from the 2024 iPhones. This well-known analyst of Apple products has repeatedly made correct predictions about the future of this company; As a result, his opinions can be trusted to some extent.

(Translation: I think the real full-screen iPhone this year Coming in 2024. Flagship iPhones in 2024 will use an under-display front-facing camera alongside under-display Face ID. Low-light conditions are detrimental to front-facing camera quality, and ISP and algorithms are considered critical to improving quality.)

  • Apple’s new patent shows the company’s solution to remove the notch on the iPhone display

Mingchi Kuo posted his tweet today as a follow-up to a post he shared on April 2nd. In the mentioned tweet, he claimed that in two years, FaceID will go under the screen with iPhone 16. He even wrote in his text that the said schedule is not related to technical issues and is more of a marketing goal.

Does Apple really do this? FaceID can be considered the Achilles heel of iPhone; A feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the competitors. In order to move FaceID under the display, Apple needs to make sure it works. It will take more time to find out the next step of the Cupertinos, to finally see if we can say goodbye to Nach forever!

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