The possibility of Google Pixel 7 with a selfie camera under the display

The possibility of Google Pixel 7 with a selfie camera under the display

The possibility of Google Pixel 7 with a selfie camera under the display

Report Let’s Go Digital, a Google filing has been made public at the US Patent and Trademark Office, which shows a smartphone with two under-display selfie cameras along with two other sensors. it shows. To better understand this Google patent, take a look at the picture below.

This is not the first time that Google has made public a patent for a selfie camera under the display. Of course, the previous technology of this company for the selfie camera under the display was different from its recent example; So that in Google’s previous patent, we saw the use of a selfie camera under the screen relying on prism capabilities. However, the previous idea of ​​this giant of the software world had a lot of cost.

Last year, prominent smartphone manufacturers used this technology, which resulted in the immaturity of this technology. it shows; But Google, in its effort to provide a display experience without cuts, intends to take advantage of it; Of course, Google’s exact way of working is hidden from us.

Other companies in the technology of the camera under the display used a radiant display next to a small part of a non-radiative display. There is also hope that Google can improve the problem of low-quality photos of the selfie camera under the display by using its own photo processing algorithm; A problem that we have seen before in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Apparently, this technology requires the use of OLED screens. A part of the screen that is non-radiative and covers the camera will allow light to pass through and reach the camera sensor for better quality photos. Also, the emitting or radiating part of the display does its job by emitting light, which leads to hiding the notch of the selfie camera.

It is interesting to know Sangmo that He has been working at Google for about three and a half years and has registered this invention, he previously registered a similar one for Samsung; where he has 14 years of experience as a senior engineer and leader of the AMOLED technology development group. We hope that the two companies Google and Samsung will not get into a dispute over this issue.

According to the recent movements of most companies regarding the selfie camera technology under the display, is it possible that Google in the Pixel series 7 use it? What is your opinion about this technology?

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