The order for non-app gadget parts has decreased

The order for non-app gadget parts has decreased

The order for non-app gadget parts has decreased

While the amount of orders from the companies that supply parts needed by Apple in June with There has been an increase; But suppliers of non-Apple gadget parts have faced an unexpected decrease in orders this year. The reasons for such a situation are probably that various manufacturers are waiting for the introduction of the iPhone 8 smartphone. It remains to be seen what features Apple has for this product as well as iPhone 7S and iPhone 7 S Plus is ready.

DigitalTimes reported today that suppliers such as MediaTek and HiSilicon are already struggling with declining orders and warnings of disappointing sales of mobile chipsets for non-Apple devices in the third quarter of the year. Current has been raised. Some believed that orders for non-Apple devices should increase between April and August; But on the other hand, the suppliers of parts of these types of products do not expect to increase orders until the fourth quarter of this year and after the introduction of new Apple iPhones.

News sources also say that the company TSMC, which is the largest supplier of mobile chipsets for Apple, has realized that non-Apple customers of this company prefer chips manufactured with the 12nm process to 10nm chips. iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are expected to use Apple’s 10nm A11 processor, and in fact, various sources have predicted that the sales of Apple iPhones will make the demand for TSMC’s 10nm technology complete by the first quarter of 2018.

So far, several different reports have been published about the delay in the production of Apple’s new iPhones, especially the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is expected to be equipped with a 5.8-inch bezel-less display, and in addition, the said device will use a virtual button instead of a physical home button. It is possible to place the Touch ID sensor under the display as well as the flexible boards of Apple’s new iPhones to cause problems, and some have even predicted that instead of the Touch ID sensor, Apple will probably use the 3D facial recognition technology that has been mentioned many times in various rumors.

Although many analysts and tech whistleblowers have predicted that Apple will unveil its new iPhones in September, it is still possible that Apple will not be able to introduce the iPhone 8 until October. Some rumors also say that Apple will release the iPhone 8 in September in a limited way.

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