The most important Amazon products that were introduced at the 2019 hardware event

The most important Amazon products that were introduced at the 2019 hardware event

The most important Amazon products that were introduced at the 2019 hardware event

Amazon ‘s big hardware product event 2019 was held. In this event, the e-commerce giant unveiled 15 new products, the most important of which are the completely wireless Echo Buds headphones, the Echo Studio speaker with support for Dolby Atmos and Echo Frames. equipped with a microphone pointed out that it has added the possibility of communicating with Alexa to this gadget .

Alexa Smart Oven. The second product, in addition to performing the activities of a microwave oven, also has the ability to cook food with heat and hot air. Of course, Amazon also unveiled some unexpected products, among them the Echo Loop smart ring and the Wi-Fi router based on the Eero mesh. Additionally, the company’s pet tracking gadget called Amazon Fetch was introduced.

Smart Ring Echo Loop

Amazon unveiled a smart ring at its hardware event that communicates with the user using vibration. This product has a titanium frame and because it is equipped with a vibration motor and two microphones, it looks bigger than a real ring. Amazon’s small gadget sells for $129. Early customers will be able to purchase Echo Loop only through an invitation program.

Smart Glasses Echo Frames

Amazon Glasses Smart introduced itself with a design close to normal glasses. Echo Frames doesn’t have a display or a camera, and it certainly can’t be considered a fully smart glasses. However, Amazon has placed a microphone in its new wearable gadget that allows the user to communicate with Alexa. This feature makes it a useful product in many situations so that the user can use the capabilities of the smart assistant on the move without using his hands. Amazon’s smart glasses will be available at a price of $179 and will be limited. ;height:auto}.h_iframe-Youtube_embed_frame iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}]]>

Echo Buds completely wireless headphones

Amazon’s first move for Entering the headphone market called Echo Buds was introduced. In each of the wireless headphones, dedicated drivers are used to balance the sound. The battery life of Echo Buds headphones is said to be five hours, and the special box gives the user 20 hours of charging. block;width:100%;height:auto}.h_iframe-Youtube_embed_frame iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}]]>

Amazon focuses on sound insulation in its new product has it. The good news is that the Echo Buds headphones are compatible with all smart voice assistants, including Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri syncs. Echo Buds are available for pre-order now for $129.

Alexa Smart Oven

Amazon introduced an Alexa-enabled microwave oven last year. They came to the event this year with a smart oven that offers the customer hot air cooking in addition to microwave applications. In addition, the user can scan the barcode of the ingredients in this oven so that Alexa can suggest the right cooking time. This Amazon product is now ready for pre-order and the price is $99.249.

Ring Smart Indoor Camera

Amazon’s new camera is now available for pre-order and has a price tag of $99.59. The manufacturing company considered the dimensions of the new product to be very small, which is powered by both direct electricity and batteries. The important thing about the Ring surveillance camera is that the user can stop recording by activating Home mode through Alexa.

If Amazon smart camera buyers have a security system, they don’t need to change the entire structure to add it. Ring has a security integration kit that allows it to be added to other security systems. The mentioned kit is offered at a price of 199 and is compatible with all security infrastructures and even door and window sensors.

The smallest member of the Echo family, Echo Flex

Echo family for easy use by users Alexa was designed and introduced. Until today, many products have been added to this family and the newest gadget is called Echo Flex. This gadget is known as the smallest member of the Eco family, which is directly connected to the power outlet. The Echo Flex has a built-in microphone that sends user commands to Alexa. Amazon’s new product is available for $24.99 and you can add a motion sensor and night light for $14.

Eero Wi-Fi router

The Eero family is Amazon’s products in the field of Wi-Fi mesh routers. Their newest member, without a specific name, was introduced as the All-New Eero, which offers the user a dual-channel radio antenna, adaptive backhaul settings, and the ability to communicate with Alexa. Among the special Alexa commands for this router, it can be mentioned to stop sending the Wi-Fi signal to certain devices or to start the guest Wi-Fi network. Amazon claims that a user can set up a new router in 10 minutes. The price of a single Eero router is $99, and a package of three is $249.

Echo Glow smart lamp

Most products of the Echo family are designed focused on adults. Among the new members of the family, a special product called Echo Glow was introduced for children, which has an attractive lighting feature for them. The Eco lamp has the ability to light in many different colors and even a fire-like lighting mode is built into it. Users can pre-order the new Echo family gadget now for $99.99.

Echo Show 8 smart display

Amazon’s latest smart display called Echo 8 was unveiled, which is sold at a price of $129. This eight-inch display, along with the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 10, expands the size options available to users. Amazon claims that Alexa has the ability to extract content from the images displayed on the Echo Show and read things like recipes to the user.

Echo Studio smart speaker

Echo Studio is Amazon’s newest product in the smart speaker category. This speaker supports 3D sound and Dolby Atmos. The manufacturing company claims that the latest speaker will be the most innovative and has features such as harmonizing the sound with the surrounding environment. The Echo Studio speaker with a price of $199 is now ready for pre-sale.

New Echo Speaker

Amazon introduced a new version of the basic Echo speaker at the Hardware 2019 event, which is also available for pre-sale. it is ready. Among the new changes, we can mention the addition of the features of the more professional Echo Plus product, such as neodymium drivers. In addition, the color and fabric design will be available in the new version.

New Voices for Alexa

Amazon implements a variety of solutions to make user experiences with Alexa even more attractive. The manufacturing company plans to take the voice of its smart assistant out of the current dry state with the cooperation of some famous figures. Among the celebrities working with Amazon in the new program, we can mention the actor Samuel L. Jackson. In cooperation with Amazon, Jackson records his voice for implementation in text-to-voice conversion systems; As a result, regardless of the user’s command, Jackson’s voice will be heard as a response.

Echo Dot speaker equipped with a clock

Amazon says that when interacting with the Echo Dot, users ask for the time of day more than any command. For this reason, they have added the possibility of displaying the clock in the new version of their speaker. The clock display is beautifully placed in the cover around the speaker. Those interested can pre-purchase the new version of Echo Dot for $59. Of course, the old version is still available in stores.

Privacy-based Home Mode feature

Amazon offers the ability to disable the microphone and camera as a default feature in its new products. In addition, they will provide a mode called Home Mode in their smart gadgets, which tells it to stop recording audio and video. In addition, new commands will be added to Alexa to delete the recorded voice so that the user can feel more comfortable in terms of privacy.

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