The Galaxy S22 series does not use a micro SD memory card slot

The Galaxy S22 series does not use a micro SD memory card slot

The Galaxy S22 series does not use a micro SD memory card slot

The Unpacked event was held last night and Samsung finally officially unveiled the Galaxy S22 series flagship phones. As expected, this series includes three models Galaxy S 22, S22 Plus and S 22 Ultra.

sammobile reported that although almost all the features of the Galaxy S22 series were leaked online before the official launch, But some questions about these products will be answered only when we see their official introduction. One of the questions of many users was whether the flagships of this year’s Samsung Galaxy S series will use a micro SD card port or not. Unfortunately, none of the Galaxy S22 models use a micro SD card port, and after Buying any model, there will be no way to increase the storage capacity of your device. This is not the first time that Samsung makes such a decision. Even the previous generation of the flagships of this company, the Galaxy S21, does not use the microSD port. Thus, to use more storage space, you should either buy models with higher memory or use cloud storage services.

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Samsung phone offers Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus in 128 GB and 256 GB versions. Customers can purchase the Galaxy S22 Ultra in 128GB, 256GB or 512GB variants. The South Korean tech giant also sells a 1TB model of the Galaxy S22 Ultra on its online store.

If you’re into photography and store all your files on your smartphone, it’s better to pay more for the models. Buy one that offers more storage or use cloud storage services.

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