The Galaxy S22 series are the strongest Samsung S series phones available today

The Galaxy S22 series are the strongest Samsung S series phones available today

The Galaxy S22 series are the strongest Samsung S series phones available today

Galaxy S22 series has seen big changes compared to the previous generation. This new series is powered by 4nm chips, and the Ultra model with a dedicated space to hold the S Pen is actually renamed to the Galaxy Note. According to Sammobile, Samsung has improved some important parts related to build quality in the Galaxy S22 series, and some parts have really changed compared to 2021.

The Korean giant tried its best to make the latest series of flagships stand out from the crowd. more resistant to falling, bending and external damage. In addition, to make the frame stronger, it has used the latest Gorilla Glass Victus Plus (+Victus).

All S22 phones use Victus+ protection on the front and back panels; For this reason, all three phones, including the basic Galaxy S22 model, have better build quality than the previous generation. It should be noted that the Galaxy Tab S8 series also uses the Victus + screen protector. Whatever the result, we can say goodbye to polycarbonate for now; But it’s good that Samsung is paying more attention to the Galaxy S base model this year. As a reminder, the Galaxy S21 has a plastic back panel.

The Galaxy S22 series is the first S series with an aluminum Armor frame

Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus and S22 Ultra are the first candy bar phones (rectangular phone without door and hinge) of this company, which are made of Aluminum Armor have If this build looks familiar, that’s because the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 were the first Samsung phones to be equipped with Armor aluminum frame.

However, this feature Now it has made its way from the field of folding phones to candy bar flagships and actually all tablets of the Galaxy Tab S8 series. Samsung, using the same Aluminum Armor technology in the Galaxy S22 series, guaranteed that these phones They are considered the strongest flagships in the market. Note that the Galaxy S22 series is not shockproof and its glass panels are more susceptible to damage from falls than other materials such as polycarbonate.

  • Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus unveiled with a familiar design

Nevertheless, the new phones look impressive in terms of design and structurally, the Galaxy S22 series is considered to be the strongest S-series smartphone series today thanks to the new Armor aluminum frame, which is also more resistant to scratches.


As before, all three phones are resistant to dust and water with IP68 certification and can last up to half an hour under water up to a depth of 1.5 meters. All in all, they have excellent build quality.

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