Speed ​​comparison of Snapdragon 8 generation 1: Xiaomi 12 Pro against competitors

Speed ​​comparison of Snapdragon 8 generation 1: Xiaomi 12 Pro against competitors

Speed ​​comparison of Snapdragon 8 generation 1: Xiaomi 12 Pro against competitors

To answer the question of which phone the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 offers the fastest speed, the website Gizmochina Comparison between IQOO 9 Pro, Realme GT 2 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Moto Edge X30 to see which device runs different programs faster and which phone’s RAM management will be better.

In this test, the latest stable version of the system is used. Also, no changes have been made to the settings of the phones and all of them are present in this review with factory settings. For example, if some models use the ability to increase virtual RAM by default, this feature is not disabled in this review. According to the same logic, special performance improvement modes were not activated in any of the tested phones because this feature is not enabled by default on smartphones and most people do not use it to perform daily tasks.

In addition, for each test Finally, there are five points. Therefore, the first place will get five points, the second place will get four points, the third place will get three points, the fourth place will get two points, and the fifth place will get one point.

Application execution speed

Let me do the first test Let’s begin; A stage that focuses on the speed of opening and loading applications. For this stage, several applications including Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Chrome, etc. as well as games like PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush , Temple Run and Genshin Impact were used.

All the smartphones were fast in opening light applications, but Realme GT 2 Pro was surprisingly fast in loading and opening the browser Google Chrome, camera app and other heavy apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush and PUBG Mobile game came out on top. In this test, OnePlus 10 Pro won the second place, and IQOO 9 Pro and Moto Edge X30 were placed in the third and fourth places, respectively.

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The interesting thing is that Xiaomi Phone The 12 Pro was at times much faster than other phones in this test, but fell behind its rivals when opening most apps. The reason for this slowness is probably related to the fact that the Xiaomi 12 does not stop any background processes.

RAM Management

for Examining RAM management, 16 applications were run consecutively on the phones. This time, Xiaomi 12 Pro took the first place by loading all 16 applications, followed by Realme GT 2 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro in the second and third places of the list. Moto Edge X30 uses 8 GB of RAM, while the other tested phones use 12 GB of RAM, and for this reason, this device performed weaker than its competitors in the RAM management department. However, the most disappointing result in terms of RAM management was related to the IQOO 9 Pro, which only managed to keep four applications out of 16 running in the background of the device.


Realme GT 2 Pro showed the best performance . This device went ahead in the test of opening applications without any problems and showed a good performance in terms of RAM management.

Oneplus 10 Pro also offers a very good performance and in this test it is in the second place of the list. It has.


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Xiaomi 12 Pro offers the best performance compared to other phones in terms of RAM management, but this product is slightly behind its competitors in terms of the speed of running applications; Because the background processes are not destroyed in this device.

IQOO 9 Pro and Moto Edge X30 were ranked third and fourth in this test, respectively. Of course, this position was not far from the mind for the Motorola phone that uses 8 GB of RAM, however, IQOO 9 Pro probably faced optimization problems in terms of software, which prevented this device from performing better in the RAM management department.

OS versions of tested phones

    • Motorola Moto Edge X30: S0SC32.16-29-12
    • Xiaomi 12 Pro: MIUI 13

Realme GT 2 Pro: realme UI 3.0 RMX3300_11_A.14 OnePlus 10 Pro: Color OS 12.1 NE2210_11_A.07 IQOO 9 Pro: Origin OS Ocean PD2172B_A_12.0.13. 2.W10.V000L1

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