Royole smart speaker with touch screen was unveiled

Royole smart speaker with touch screen was unveiled

Royole smart speaker with touch screen was unveiled

The Chinese company Royoli, which is known for its flexible displays and the world’s first foldable smartphone, simultaneously with the exhibition CES 2020, unveiled the first smart speaker equipped with a touch screen.

Royoli’s touch screen is not the type of flat screen used like the Echo Show 8 screen, but instead includes a flexible screen around the body of the cylindrical smart speaker.

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Mirage Royole smart speaker with 8-inch touch screen Fully flexible AMOLED will be available to users at the price of 899 dollars in the second quarter of the year. Instead of pressing the volume up and down buttons on the top of the speaker, users can do this through the touch screen and choose the music they want. The voice of the speaker made a definitive statement. According to Rivoli, the smart speaker supports Alexa Amazon . The new smart speaker is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, but it is not yet clear what the camera is used for.

In this year’s exhibition, the Chinese company Roioli has introduced RoWrite 2 smart notebook in addition to the smart speaker. A smart notebook allows users to save and share notes with the help of a smartphone app. The first version of RoWrite notebook was introduced with a black leather case. But the RoWrite 2 is also available in a slightly different design with a glossy light brown case. In addition, Rivoli claims that the RoWrite 2 is about 40 percent lighter than the original smart notebook and features a longer battery life. However, no information has been released about RoWrite 2’s battery life.

The Amazon UK website lists the RoWrite’s battery life as eight hours. The RoWrite 2 smart notebook will be available in the global markets in March at a price of $129.

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