Reuters: The possibility of stopping the Samsung Galaxy Note series production line in favor of bendable phones

Reuters: The possibility of stopping the Samsung Galaxy Note series production line in favor of bendable phones

Reuters: The possibility of stopping the Samsung Galaxy Note series production line in favor of bendable phones

News unit : Company Samsung for the first time 9 years ago in 2011 with the unveiling of a 5.3-inch phone Galaxy Note as a product equipped with one One of the largest screens of its time and having the S Pen, it was included in the list of popular smartphone manufacturers. Since then, the name of the Galaxy Note series has been synonymous with the most advanced flagship phones of the Korean giant, which has provided the highest facilities and level of user experience to the lovers of this company’s products. Now to According to Reuters, the production schedule of this series may change from 2021 and we won’t see a new product from the Galaxy Note family, because Samsung executives are looking to stop the production line of this series of phones.

As Reuters cited the statements of three According to a reliable source, Samsung apparently has no plans to introduce a new model of the Galaxy series in the new year, and this probably means the end of the production of this group of phones. A decision that is more than anything related to the sharp decrease in demand for high-end smartphones in the context of the global Corona epidemic. In fact, although the price of high-end phones such as the Galaxy Note has increased over the past few years, 2020, which we are in the last days of, has not been a successful time for this part of the market. As Apple, Google and even Samsung have produced options with much lower prices and higher sales that, regardless of the features and features of the Note series, have a much more successful presence in the markets.

Of course, Reuters quoted one of the sources as pointing out that Samsung will equip the latest model of the S series (probably named S21) with a stylus instead of the Galaxy Note. Additionally, the company’s next-generation foldable phone, which may be called the Galaxy Z Fold 3, will also be pen-compatible. In this way, the user can purchase this pen separately if he wishes.

According to informed sources, the efforts of Samsung’s research and development department, which were previously devoted to the production of the new Galaxy Note series, are now more focused on making a new example of the company’s bendable smartphones. Of course, Samsung has not yet commented on these speculations. However, according to the forecast of Tom Kang, an analyst at Counterpoint Institute, the sales of the Note series will decrease by 20% to 8 million units this year, and the S series will probably decrease by 5 million to less than 30 million units. . From his point of view, this is related to the decrease in demand for advanced smartphones and the low willingness of users to change the phone and upgrade it.

Galaxy Note20 this year with a similar price Galaxy S20 was sold for $999 in the United States. Now that iPhone 12 With a gap of 200 dollars, it was available to the consumer for 799 dollars. This price gap is probably one of the reasons for the decline in Samsung flagship sales.

With the increasing spread of bendable smartphones, the production line of flagship phones Samsung has doubled in size in the past year. Because next to Galaxy S20 and Note 20, smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 and


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