Private Share – Samsung’s possible solution for secure file transfer on the blockchain platform

Private Share – Samsung’s possible solution for secure file transfer on the blockchain platform

Private Share – Samsung’s possible solution for secure file transfer on the blockchain platform There are different ways to transfer files between two mobile devices. There are Bluetooth, NFC, Nearby Share and Quick Share feature (in Galaxy phones). In Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also considered an “Ultra Wide Band” (UWB) based solution for file transfer. Even if the file size is not large, it can be easily sent to others through email. But the important issue here is the issue of file security. Suppose you share several private photos or an important document with one of your friends. Can you guarantee that your friend will take care of these files and keep them safe as you do?

Apparently Samsung for this issue Khayit has thought of a solution. Rumors suggest that Samsung is working on the development of a new application called Private Share. Using the capabilities of blockchain technology, this application can increase the security factor in transferring files. Apparently, Private Share is inspired by the concept of “ephemeral messaging”. In Private Share, the person who wants to send a file can set an expiration time for that file. In this way, the shared file is automatically deleted from the receiving device after the expiration time (something similar to how Snapchat and Signal messengers work).

Like what we saw in Quick Share, both parties must have Private Share installed on their devices to transfer files. The file transfer request is initiated by the sender and the receiver can accept or reject it. It is said that this application does not allow the recipient to re-share the received file. Of course, it is not clearly mentioned whether the recipient can access the received file through file management programs or not. Apparently, even taking a screenshot of the received file will not be possible. But obviously, when the desired file is open on the receiving device, it is very easy to take a picture of the screen with another device.

Apparently, the unveiling of the Galaxy S21 flagship phone is less than two months away, and it is possible that Private Share will be introduced with this device for the first time. If Samsung its procedure for Quick Share and Music Share applications continues, it won’t take long for this program to be available for previous Samsung flagships and even mid-range Galaxy devices after the introduction of the Galaxy S21. It is a good thing that Samsung has addressed the issue of file transfer security by working on blockchain technology. But surely, the scope of application of blockchain will be much wider for this Korean company. Only time will tell what Samsung will use this technology in the future.

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