Official introduction of Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones in USA

Official introduction of Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones in USA

Official introduction of Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones in USA

News unit Daria Mohamal collection, importer of smart products Samsung and the official after-sales service provider of this company on Sunday 22 March 1400 in a ceremony at Spinas Palace Hotel Tehran announced the presence of new Galaxy S22 family phones in the USAian market. In this event, which was held with the presence of the managers of this company and a group of journalists, information about Daria’s warranty and the company’s services and details regarding the presence of Galaxy S22 series flagship phones were provided to the audience. The Samsung S22 series consists of three phones Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra have been officially introduced almost a month ago and immediately in the USAian market were present.

At the beginning of this ceremony, Reza Emami, the marketing manager of Daria Mohamab, while pointing out that this collection is the first company to introduce Series G S22’s Lexi provided USA with information about the Daria company. According to Emami, the main business of Daria Group, which started its official activity in the USAian market since 2017, is focused on importing phones, and this company, while at the beginning of its activity, was in the fourth place among importers, now with the help of its sales representatives, in three years In the past, it has achieved the first resistance in this field.

The market share of 65-70% in the USAian market and being overwhelmingly chosen by the sellers as the “best guarantee” are other statistics that this manager Daria Provided with Emami stated that the market share of Samsung in the USAian market is around 40% and eliminated the share of this importer. He estimates that all the phones that can be seen on average in shop windows are around 20%.

At the end of his speech, Emami summarized the goals of this collection in these cases: product authenticity, service speed, high accessibility. (presence of at least one representative in all major cities of USA), originality of parts, quality of service, proper treatment with customers and low cost compared to the fluctuations of the currency market.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Ali Falahpour, Daria’s service manager Along with providing explanations about the warranty of this collection; According to Falahpour, the effort of Daria Hameib from the beginning has been to change the concept of warranty in the mind of the USAian user and instill the feeling that “there can be a warranty in USA as well.” Currently, Daria has 14 branches and 48 representatives across the country, which play an important role in improving access to this company. In recent years, most of the customers of this collection have been in person and by mail due to the Corona virus. where most of the users have preferred to stay at home.

Falahpour also mentioned the 24-hour call center of this company, which according to Daria service manager, “in the mobile phone sector, no company [in USA] offers such a service.” “

At the end of this ceremony, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones were introduced and their presence in the market was widely announced. According to Daria managers, S22 series for the first time with both processors Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Exynos 2200 are presented, which has never been seen in the USAian market until today. Of course, the first part of these products will be presented with Snapdragon chip, but in the future Exynos versions will also be available in the USAian market.

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