Navi 21 will probably be faster than all previous AMD graphics cards

Navi 21 will probably be faster than all previous AMD graphics cards

Navi 21 will probably be faster than all previous AMD graphics cards

Rumours regarding the high-end Radeon RX Navi 21 GPU from AMD are gaining momentum, and the first of them is a report from the website Far East has claimed that the mentioned graphics cards are twice as fast as the Navi 10 series. Also, according to the users of the Reddit website, the development stages of the high-end graphics processor of the Navi series are nearing completion and it is ready to be released in 2020. The key feature of the new Navi series graphics card is listed. It is clear that AMD’s current Radeon RX graphics cards with 7nm lithography are part of the first generation of the RDNA-based architecture family. The second generation of the RDNA family is expected to use the second generation of 7nm lithography, i.e. +7nm. +7nm lithography will not only increase the overall efficiency of the operation, but will also provide the possibility of increasing the density of transistors.

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In the aforementioned rumor, AMD’s high-end graphics card from the Navi series, which is also referred to as Navi 21, is in It is in the final stages of development. The die size in this chip is 505 mm square and is twice as big as the Navi 10 series chips with their 251 mm square die. In the topic of integrated circuits, each die is a small block of semiconductor material on which a circuit with a specific function is built during a process such as photolithography. The dimensions of the Navi 21 are even larger than the Vega 20 GPU with a die area of ​​331 square millimeters. Such an issue shows that the Navi 21 graphics card is definitely faster than all the graphics processors that AMD has introduced to date. AMD’s Vega 20 graphics card has 13 billion transistors, so the Navi 21 GPU will have between 15 and 16 billion transistors. As a result, the transistor density in AMD’s new processor, if the rumors are true, will be higher than all similar products in the market. The graphics card will be Navi 10. The Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card is the flagship of the Navi 10 family, and its performance is close to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER graphics card. Therefore, it is possible that the Navi 21 graphics processor has a performance beyond the RTX 2080 SUPER and even its speed is close to the RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Maybe that’s why there are always rumors about the development of the card. GraphicsRTX 2080 Ti Super leaks out.

With all this, the clock speed that could play a more decisive role in knowing the final performance of AMD’s new GPU has not yet been announced. It is also necessary to mention that the graphic card with these gigantic dimensions consumes a lot of power and according to the 225-watt thermal design power of the Navi 10 graphic card, the thermal design power of the Navi 21 will be between 275 and 300 watts.

It is also stated that, due to the large size of the die, high bandwidth memory (HBM) is not used in the aforementioned graphics processor and GDDR6 graphics memory will be used instead. This means that the memory interface in the Navi 21 graphic card will be around 384 to 512 bits and its capacity will be between 12 and 16 GB. Since this will be AMD’s flagship product in 2020, the company can go even further and install GDDR6 memory with a capacity of 24 to 36 GB on the Navi 21. Some of the features of the Navi GPUs, which will be the second generation of the RDNA architecture, are as follows:

  • Using the second generation of optimized 7nm (+7nm) lithography
  • Providing special options for high-end graphics cards
  • Supporting Ray Tracing technology at Hardware
  • The graphics memory of this set of graphics cards will be both GDDR6 and HBM2 high bandwidth memories
  • They will be more efficient than the first generation Navi graphics cards

More details are not stated in the Far East website report, but it seems that the new Navi series includes powerful graphics cards and the release of these products indicates the return Powerful AM D is the competition scene for desktop graphics cards. There is also reliable information that AMD will also unveil hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology with its new GPUs based on the RDNA architecture. With all these words, the mentioned information is based on rumors and should be viewed with skepticism. But if these rumors are true, apart from the unveiling of the Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card, AMD is expected to confirm such rumors in some way at CES 2020.

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