MSI and BlueStacks bring Android games to the desktop at 240fps

MSI and BlueStacks bring Android games to the desktop at 240fps

MSI and BlueStacks bring Android games to the desktop at 240fps

MSI and BlueStacks have announced their partnership to launch a new platform called MSI App Player as an alternative way to Gamers were introduced to play Android games on Windows computers. This platform allows Android games to run in desktop environments at a rate of 240 frames per second. Developers claim that although Android applications run natively on desktop computers. It doesn’t run Windows, but this emulator is so powerful that it outperforms the Galaxy S10. Comparing this simulator with the powerful Galaxy S10 smartphone shows the great confidence that the developers of this simulator have in it.

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MSI has also announced that MSI App Player can Playing games at a rate of 240 frames per second happens for the first time in the Android world. Also, MSI App Player software benefits from many interesting and different features and capabilities. For example, MSI App Player allows you to put multiple games in Split View mode and simultaneously in one Run their page simultaneously. This feature will be very useful for games where the gamer has to wait for a while to recharge his weapons and capabilities. Also, the MSI emulator for some approved applications gives gamers the ability to change the RGB lighting on the keyboard of gaming laptops. and gamers can easily customize it.

monitor computer or laptop monitor is capable of supporting a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz , you can easily take full advantage of the 240 fps rate on PC; However, displays with a lower refresh rate will not benefit from the advantages of the high frame rate of the MSI emulator.

The App Player software is installed by default in the latest MSI gaming systems and can be used; MSI also allows all users to download the App Player and it can be easily downloaded for older laptops from MSI site downloaded and installed.

As a gamer, what do you think about running Android games on a desktop platform? Will running these games with a higher resolution and frame rate have an impact on the mobile gaming experience? Share your opinions and experiences of working with Android emulators with us and the EMGblog audience.

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