Microsoft’s patent shows a pressure-sensitive virtual keyboard

Microsoft’s patent shows a pressure-sensitive virtual keyboard

Microsoft’s patent shows a pressure-sensitive virtual keyboard

While Microsoft can’t release its flexible smartphone this year introduced to the market, a number of Microsoft partner companies are planning to design dual-screen Windows 10 laptops that In some versions, the second screen is used as a virtual keyboard.

Microsoft’s new patent announces the design of a pressure-sensitive screen, which is similar to the smartphone patent; Because thanks to it, the user can type easily using the virtual keyboard and have a better experience of typing and working with the laptop.

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Microsoft’s new patent is related to a pressure-sensitive virtual keyboard that allows the user to type by touching the screen. To work with the virtual keyboard, the user must touch the screen to display the pressure-sensitive virtual keyboard. The keyboard includes virtual keys with sensitivity to touch and pressure and has the same function as the virtual keyboard of smartphones.

The virtual keyboard types the corresponding symbol or letter according to the pressure applied on each key. In addition, with pressure-sensitive sensors, you can select letters and symbols, select or bold different phrases in the text, or use visual effects, all of which work based on the pressure-sensitive feature. Lenovo is expected to be the first company to launch a Windows 10 laptop with dual screens. offers It is likely that Microsoft will provide the certificate of use of its new keyboard patent to partner companies so that they can provide Windows 10 users with a better and more favorable typing experience in the new generation of their systems.

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