LG is making its own processor

LG is making its own processor

LG is making its own processor

LG in 2014, following competitors such as Samsung and Apple, made made its own chip named NUCLUN, which was used in only one phone, limited to the Korean market.

Despite rumors about the chip not being ready LG, the company has sent a trademark application for its new chip to the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.

LG files with the names LG KROMAX Preocessor and LG EPIK Processor with two ambiguous titles “chips [integrated circuits]; It is classified as “multiprocessor chips”, which is a good indication of its product. However, there is no guarantee that the chips under the above headings will be used in smartphones. The aforementioned chip may target the computer market; Because last year, Intel officially announced that it plans to use LG’s ARM cores in its products. According to the same report, the processors in question will use 10nm technology. This technology is going to be used in next year’s flagships as well.

  • The new iPhone uses Apple’s custom GPU
  • Tesla’s proprietary chip is under development in cooperation with AMD

In other words, if plans don’t go the way they did with the NUCLUN 2 and the move is successful and ongoing, it’s possible that LG will use a proprietary processor in its smartphones next year. But it is not expected that the phones in question will be of the flagship type. Because the NUCLUN processor worked very poorly in terms of performance, and basically using a new processor in a flagship phone would be a risk; Even if that processor is made by the company itself.

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