Japan’s concern over Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone operating system market

Japan’s concern over Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone operating system market

Japan’s concern over Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone operating system market

The Japanese government is said to have submitted a report on the possibility of establishing regulations to ensure fair competition in the smartphone operating system market, which is controlled by two major American companies, Apple and Google has taken over, published. Kyodo New writes that Apple protested this report yesterday.

The giant of the technology industry, which has iPhone phones and operating system iOS has a strong presence in the mobile market, says: “We respectfully disagree with some of the conclusions of the Japanese government report.” The Japanese government says it is concerned about Google and Apple’s undisputed dominance of the smartphone operating system market.

Apple says it faces “fierce competition” in all the industries it operates in, and that it needs to “engage constructively with The Japanese government will continue. Meanwhile, Google, by publishing a separate statement, says that it has always actively cooperated with the Japanese government and has given a lot of help to the industry. Google also says it will conduct further investigations into the contents of the Japanese government’s report.

The Japanese government, in a report that is the result of a discussion about competition in digital markets, says that the default installation of Apple and Google web browsing applications on smartphones is problematic. . The report suggests adopting laws to prevent actions that hinder users’ decision-making and choice. Because according to the Japanese government, these types of actions destroy the competitive environment.

The Japanese government has also expressed its concern about the policies of the App Store. Japan says developers are forced to publish their apps only on the App Store, and the high fees Apple charges are worrying. The Japanese government has asked operating system providers to allow users to choose their own app store.

  • Apple and Google are under investigation by the Japanese Antimonopoly Agency

The Japanese government will conduct public surveys and hold more meetings before publishing the final report.

This is not the first time that the policies of Apple and Google is questioned. These two companies have faced many challenges in different markets in recent years. US senators and European Union members are separately trying to curb the power of Apple and Google by passing new laws.

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