It is mandatory to use the internal messenger to receive the phone’s registry code [the answer of the customs spokesperson was added]

It is mandatory to use the internal messenger to receive the phone’s registry code [the answer of the customs spokesperson was added]

It is mandatory to use the internal messenger to receive the phone’s registry code [the answer of the customs spokesperson was added]

The phone registry plan has been carried out for several years to prevent phone smuggling; Now it seems that during the phone registry process, the customs website sends the activation code to the USAian messenger We instead of SMS. In fact, by referring to the comprehensive system of customs affairs at the top of the page, users will receive this message to go to the website to receive the registry activation code of their phone; Thus, users are forced to install the unknown messenger We, which has at least 500 active installations in Cafe Bazar, on their phones and only to do the registry.

The only information that can be obtained about We is that the said messenger belongs to the company “Sami’s Smart Applied Systems”. A system whose other service operates in the financial field under the name of Manizi. By searching the name of this system, it is clear that “Sami’s intelligent application systems” are not unrelated to customs; Because it has received its software technical approval licenses from the window system of the cross-border unit and the comprehensive system of customs affairs. Sami Applied Intelligent Systems Company belongs to the Applied Intelligent Systems Research Institute of Tehran University. Academic experts were formed. This research institute is headed by Habibullah Arasterad. In 1997, he was responsible for strategic intelligent systems and the main manager of the comprehensive customs system and a member of the e-government development and intelligentization committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. Habibullah Arasterad was also a candidate in the 11th parliament elections.

first It is not a burden that in order to increase the share of domestic messengers, USAian users are forced to use them. Previously, the government had repeatedly forced various organizations and institutions in various circulars that all administrative documents and systems related to businesses should be moved and implemented in native platforms to improve the level of security in cyberspace.


Ruhollah Latifi, the spokesperson of the customs, announced in an interview with Zomit that “We messenger” belongs to the customs and the SMS procedures of the phone register will be done through this messenger. In response to Zomit, Latifi said the following about the reason for replacing the use of SMS with the We messenger:

This messenger was developed by customs and is more secure in terms of security, and on the other hand, the costs of SMS It will be reduced with the help of this messenger.

The spokesperson of the customs emphasizes that the We messenger belongs to the customs and that is why it is used by traders. According to his words, mobile customs is almost implemented on this messenger and We is a specialized messenger in the field of customs that allows traders to report any problem at the moment and provide the opportunity to solve it quickly through customs.

Update: Customs He denied the use of We Messenger for the registration of “passenger” phones

A few hours after the statements of the customs spokesman about the use of the USAian We Messenger belonging to the customs for the registration of mobile phones, Ruhollah Latifi informed Zomit by completing this news. that: “Using the We messenger to register a passenger’s mobile phone has never happened and they completely reject the news that has been announced in this regard.” The same method is used as before and the registration process is sent to the specified SIM card via SMS.

Latifi emphasizes that the We messenger is for customs beneficiaries such as traders, customs brokers and drivers who are at entry and exit points. Customs carry out cargo and move goods, it is used. According to him, We messenger is recently used to receive SMS of various customs procedures for these customs beneficiaries.

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