It became possible to use Yubico security keys to log into Windows computers

It became possible to use Yubico security keys to log into Windows computers

It became possible to use Yubico security keys to log into Windows computers

Yubico, the maker of hardware keys, has released software that allows users to log into Windows using gives a USB hardware key; A method that provides users with much more security than a password. The feature, which has been in extensive testing for the past 6 months, allows users to add a second layer of authentication to Windows accounts by connecting a USB key to their PC, Swedish company Yubico announced.

  • New Google Titan security key model introduced with USB-C interface

To use YubiKey, Google Titan and other hardware security keys require a small piece of hardware to log in. Connect a USB port that supports another authentication factor, such as a password, fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN. Some hardware security keys also offer wireless authentication via NFC or Bluetooth connections.

Microsoft months ago supported hardware security keys for Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live, Office, and other online services have been offered, but in the past UbiKey was only available to Linux and Mac were available and Windows users could not use this hardware. This news was announced a few days after the introduction of the USB-C version of the security key of Google Titan, which with Android, Compatible with href=”/mac-os/”>macOS, ChromeOS and Windows. This action is a big step towards a future where we no longer need to remember passwords.

Due to the fact that most users use duplicate passwords and many security flaws, hackers have access to many passwords. Using hardware security keys is one of the ways to prevent password hacking and increase computer security. Using a security key in Windows does not completely eliminate the need to use passwords. The user must first enter his password and then use Ubikey to complete the login. In this way, it is not possible for attackers to access the user’s system by obtaining the password.

Protecting laptop and mobile phone is another feature provided by this key. This feature is for those who travel and are more likely to leave their laptop in a taxi abandoned or stolen at the airport and other places is more important; However, due to internet attacks, protecting online user accounts is more important for general users.

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