iPhone SE 2020 can play the role of the next generation iPod touch

iPhone SE 2020 can play the role of the next generation iPod touch

iPhone SE 2020 can play the role of the next generation iPod touch

There are credible rumors that we will see a 5G update for the iPhone SE at tonight’s event . This has led some, especially Mark Gorman, to ask Apple to keep the current iPhone SE at $199 in its production line. Gorman argues that having an iPhone at such a low price would do wonders for Apple’s market share in many developing economies. He says that such a matter can be a good point for Apple. Suppose there is an iPhone that is the same price as the iPod touch.

After the rebirth of the Mac as the iMac, the iPod ushered in a new era for Apple; An era that ultimately led a major part of the company’s business to pocket products. Although non-iOS iPods were discontinued in 2017, the word “iPod” remained on the iPod touch. The iPod can be considered the least expensive gateway to the Apple ecosystem, which has long been used as an inexpensive device for playing mobile games and listening to music.

iPod Touch with a single camera, small screen, home button without Touch ID, large bezels. And without cutouts and headphone jack, it is a trip to the history of iPhone. The A10 Fusion processor was introduced in the iPhone 7 in its latest version of the seventh generation, which was updated in 2019 after four years.

  • New renderings of the modern design of the 8th generation iPod touch They kill
  • Despite such old specifications, iPod Touch uses the iOS 15 operating system and provides good services to users. With it, you can watch the new episode of your favorite series from Apple TV Plus or listen to music. Over time, Apple has also enriched the experience of playing with iPod touch and now users of this device can play more interesting titles. Of course, it must be said that its small screen may not be able to convey the pleasure it should to people.

    For a long time, the game has been a part of the story of the iPod Touch; But this started when mobile games were much simpler. The size of the screen of the first generation iPhone SE is very small compared to the flagship devices whose screen stretches up to 6.7 inches; But compared to the 4-inch touch iPod, which doesn’t even have much resolution, it is still a significant improvement.

    Generally, if Apple raises the price of the iPhone SE 2020 to $199, this device can be considered as a new generation of the iPhone SE family. Know iPod touch. It seems that this method can help the sale of this smartphone; But it should be seen in the end if the Cupertino people make such a decision or not!

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