iPhone 14 Pro will probably have 8 GB of RAM

iPhone 14 Pro will probably have 8 GB of RAM

iPhone 14 Pro will probably have 8 GB of RAM

In about seven months, Apple will unveil the next generation of the popular iPhone family. While there is still a long way to go before Apple’s event, the rumors about the iPhone 14 started a long time ago and definitely The passage of time increases their number. A new rumor says that Apple is looking to use eight GB of RAM in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro .

According to what 9to5Mac writes, the new information about the iPhone 14 was first revealed by a user named yeux1122 on a Korean blog. This whistleblower does not have a long history of leaking Apple information and sometimes does not disclose completely accurate information. yeux1122, citing “native sources in the supply chain”, claims that the iPhone 14 Pro, like the Samsung Galaxy S22, has 8 GB of RAM. Uses.

Apple, unlike other companies active in the mobile industry, tried not to enter the game with numbers. Although iPhones have far less RAM than high-end Android devices, due to the compatibility between hardware and software, they process various tasks quite smoothly.

Experts say it makes sense. that Apple wants to increase the RAM memory of its phones this year. It is rumored that the resolution of Apple’s next flagship iPhone camera is going to be higher than all other iPhones, and in this regard, new phones will need more RAM memory.

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Jeff Po, a supply chain analyst and a member of Haitong International Securities, recently supported the new rumor and said that the iPhone 14 Pro will have 8GB of RAM. will be. Poe previously claimed that the iPhone 14 will have two features similar to the iPhone 13 Pro (promotion and 6GB of RAM). For this reason, it is not far from the expectation that Apple will use two gigabytes of RAM memory for the Pro model of the iPhone 14 family.

Rumors say that the iPhone 14 Pro is going to bring a new design to the front panel of the iPhone family after years. This year, instead of a notch, we will see two holes (circular and oval) at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro display. It seems that Apple has finally been able to move some of the sensors needed for Face ID technology under the screen.

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