iPad Pro 2021 resistance test – same design but better resistance than last year?

iPad Pro 2021 resistance test – same design but better resistance than last year?

iPad Pro 2021 resistance test – same design but better resistance than last year?

iPad was one of Apple’s best ideas to bring the worlds of laptops and tablets closer together, and due to the presence of the M1 processor, this idea is better than ever. Reality has become. Considering that this processor is currently present on Apple MacBooks and the only thing that caused a limitation between this processor and the iPad was the iPadOS software. Although Apple has tried its best to bring the iPad closer to the MacBook by providing newer versions of this operating system. One of the flaws of the 2020 iPads was the placement of one of their microphones in the middle of the upper edge of the device. Due to its location in the middle of the chassis, the iPad Pro 2020 performed very poorly against bending and broke easily, but the resistance test of the iPad Pro 2021 has most likely solved this problem.

iPad Every year, the Pro was Apple’s best in the tablet segment, and in terms of performance, it was more powerful than all the tablets on the market. But not everything depends on the power of the processor, and ease of use is one of the main reasons why users buy so many devices. As the iPad Pro 2020 body was found to be weak against bending, the sales of this tablet were slightly lower than normal.

According to the occurrence of this The agreement of the Apple company should definitely have shown a reaction to the design of the iPad Pro 2021, but unfortunately, there has been no change in terms of the location of the microphone in this tablet, and therefore many users have problems with the idea after the unveiling of this series. The body of this series also stopped buying it. Now JerryRigEverything channel has prepared a sample of this device to test the resistance of iPad Pro 2021 to answer the issues created on the Internet. The main topic that is available on the Internet regarding iPad Pro 2021 is the location of the microphone. By testing and bending this tablet, Jack showed that the new version made by Apple has improved compared to last year in terms of body and chassis, but still due to the large size of the device, with a little pressure, the iPad Pro 2021 was bent. And he got out of bed. However, we can say that this device performed better than last year.

The previous example as The whole was split in half and it was impossible to work with. However, the 2021 version continued to work despite the heavy bending. However, this case does not justify Apple’s lack of work regarding design changes, and it remains to be seen what this company has planned for next year regarding the design and production of the iPad Pro 2022 chassis.

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