Introducing Watch Fit – Huawei’s new smartwatch with a rectangular screen and a reasonable price

Introducing Watch Fit – Huawei’s new smartwatch with a rectangular screen and a reasonable price

Introducing Watch Fit – Huawei’s new smartwatch with a rectangular screen and a reasonable price

News unit : Huawei has performed well in producing wearables equipped with powerful batteries. The supply of sports smart watches (like Watch GT 2) or simple bracelets with basic functions (such as Band 4) are among these devices. Recently, on the eve of the IFA 2020 event, Huawei announced its latest wearable device named Watch Fit has been unveiled, which is a combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. Almost at the same time as Watch Fit, products such as Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and probably 4 new wearables from Amazfit – including Amazfit GTS 2 – will also enter the market, which due to the reasonable price of Watch Fit, this product can be a tough competitor for its peers.

The first point that Looking at Watch Fit attracts attention, its screen is elongated and rectangular (unlike Watch GT and GT2 which have a round display). Of course, the presence of a stretched screen – like the one in Microsoft Band and series Samsung’s Gear S We’ve seen it – it might not be very comfortable and probably many people don’t mind having most of their wrist covered by the watch face. They will not feel good. Due to this kind of design, as well as its low price, the Watch Fit seems to be more suitable for people who are looking for an advanced fitness device, rather than a smartwatch.

The screen of the device is AMOLED and its diameter is 1.64 inches. The resolution of the screen is HD (equivalent to 280 x 456 pixels), which gives a density of 326 ppi. The screen covers 70% of the surface of the watch body and a 2.5D glass – which is curved on all 4 sides – protects the display. According to Huawei, the automatic adjustment of the display brightness makes it easier to read under sunlight.

It should be said, the new Huawei watch from Watchfaces It has a wide variety, but if none of them appeal to you, you can access a bunch of different watch faces through the Watch Face Store (this feature is only available for Android). You can also customize the watchface you want using photos on your smartphone. Not to mention, 6 Always-On watch faces are also planned for Watch Fit, but battery consumption will increase by activating these watch faces.

The length and width of the Watch Fit body is equal to 30 x 46 mm and it is 10.7 mm thick. The manufacturer has declared the material of the body as “durable polymer fiber”, but you should know that this is just a fancy name for plastic! The body of the watch has a matte appearance and its weight is only 21 grams. A physical button can also be seen on the right edge of the watch. This watch is designed in black (Graphite Black), pink (Sakura Pink) and mint green (Mint Green) colors, and 3 silicone bands in these colors and another silicone band in orange color (Cantaloupe Orange) are intended for it. Is.

Huawei did not announce the type of processor used in Watch Fit and only mentioned the dual architecture of the chipset in this watch, but it is possible that the Kirin A1 chip was used in its construction. 4 GB of storage space is also allocated to this watch. Due to the fact that part of this space is occupied by the operating system of the watch – that is, Lite OS – the memory available to the user will be practically less than 4 GB.

Watch Fit displays incoming calls, text messages and smartphone notifications on its screen, and due to the presence of a speaker and microphone in this watch, you can even answer incoming calls. GPS and Bluetooth 5.0 are other communication features of Watch Fit. It should be noted that the new Huawei watch is compatible with Android 5 and above as well as iOS 9 and above.

The battery capacity of Watch Fit has not been announced by the manufacturer, but according to Huawei, the dual architecture of the chipset and the energy saving algorithm have made the battery last up to 10 days in case of normal use of this device. If the way of working with the watch is more than usual, the battery life will reach 7 days and if the GPS is continuously active, the battery life will be reduced to 12 hours. This battery is magnetically charged and according to the manufacturer, it uses fast charging technology, so that it will last for a day with only 5 minutes of charging.

The presence of the word Fit in the name of this watch tells about its various possibilities in the field of sports and fitness. The watch sports 96 modes of activity tracking, including 11 professional sports (including two, swimming and cycling) and 85 customizable modes (from yoga to intense interval training). With a pressure resistance of 5 atmospheres, this watch is considered a suitable option for swimming. Of course, Watch Fit is intended for normal water activities and diving or activities such as water skiing are not recommended with this watch.

One of the interesting features Watch Fit is an animated presentation of 12 different exercises – including work-related exercises, full-body stretching, abdominal strengthening exercises, etc. – in which 44 standard sports movements are performed by an animated character. During exercise, the user can check the heart rate and the amount of calories burned moment by moment. After completing the sports activity, the user can see more detailed quantities, professional analysis and scientific guidance about his health in the Health App.

Huawei’s new watch while tracking all the user’s sports activities during the day, reminds him to get up after a period of inactivity. Watch Fit can display the steps taken during the day, the hours in which the user was active, as well as the time spent in moderate to vigorous sports activities in a graph in the form of 3 colored rings. The benefit of this chart is that by completing each loop, the user feels satisfied that he has succeeded in completing his sports activities.

Thanks to the PPG heart rate sensor along with the TruSeen 4.0 technology, the Huawei smartwatch can measure the user’s heart rate throughout the day – even while sleeping. If the heart rate rises above its normal range, the user will be notified by sending a message (alert for low heart rate is not supported on iOS). In addition, considering that a low level of blood oxygen saturation is harmful to health, it is possible to measure this quantity – called SpO2 – at this hour.

New watch Huawei based on relevant data The heart rate and TruSleep 2.0 technology track the way the user sleeps and while analyzing the quality of sleep, it can provide more than 200 scientific recommendations to improve it. Stress level is also measured with TruRelax technology. It is interesting to know, while tracking the cycles of women’s monthly habits, this watch can estimate the date of ovulation and inform the user in this regard.

Smart watch Huawei Watch Fit It will be released in the United Arab Emirates from September 3 (13 Shahrivar). The price of this product is 399 UAE dirhams, which is almost equal to 110 dollars at the current exchange rate. There is no news yet about the release of this watch in other countries.

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