Introducing the cheap smart watch Amazfit GTS 4 Mini with 15-day battery life, GPS and 50 meters water resistance

Introducing the cheap smart watch Amazfit GTS 4 Mini with 15-day battery life, GPS and 50 meters water resistance

Introducing the cheap smart watch Amazfit GTS 4 Mini with 15-day battery life, GPS and 50 meters water resistance

News News Amazfit is one of the leading brands in the world of wearables. is smart, according to Counterpoint report on the global smart watch market in the first quarter of 2022 after Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Garmin is the sixth largest manufacturer of smartwatches. This company, which is especially known for its valuable and economical products, on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 (22 July 1401), unveiled a new watch named GTS 4 Mini, which is the first generation of the GTS 4 series and a continuation of the GTS 2 Mini. GTS 4 Mini has a bigger screen and a bigger battery, and it has more dimensions and weight. This watch is waterproof up to 50 meters and supports GPS.

GTS 4 Mini does not face any particular difference in design and uses almost the same form as before, i.e. a rectangular screen with 2.5D soft edges and a single rotary button on its right side. . Of course, the size of the screen in this watch is bigger, and as a result, we face more dimensions in this model. The middle frame of the body is made of aluminum alloy, which in combination with plastic parts provides a satisfactory combination for this price. The GTS 4 Mini comes in four colors, black, pink, blue and white, which, although less diverse than the six colors of the GTS 2 Mini, can still satisfy different tastes.

The dimensions of the device are 9.1 x 36.6 x 41.8 mm, which Comparing it with the GTS 2 Mini with dimensions of 8.9 x 35.8 x 40.5 mm, it shows an increase of a few tenths of a mm in all three cases. The weight of the device has not only increased in spite of this increase in dimensions and a larger battery, but it has also decreased from 19.5 grams last year to 19 grams (both excluding the strap). The body of the device is resistant to pressure up to 5 atmospheres, so it can be used in water with a depth of 50 meters. For this model, 20 mm silicone bands are considered, which are presented in various colors.

The device’s 1.65-inch screen is 0.1 inches larger than before, but its AMOLED technology is still in place as a positive point. The resolution of this panel has also increased and reached 336 x 384 pixels, which provides a density of 309 pixels per inch. According to the manufacturer, this screen covers 70.2% of the device.

The sensors under the watch are used as usual to measure the heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) and with a combination of them and the movement sensors of the device, the state of sleep and It also measured stress levels. Heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress levels are measured automatically 24 hours a day in this watch, but they can also be measured manually at any time. Breathing exercises, tracking of women’s menstrual cycles, and warnings about low or high heart rate, low blood oxygen levels, and high stress are also provided.

Like any other smart watch, tracking users’ sports activities including the main The capabilities of the device and the GTS 4 Mini is no exception with the ability to track more than 120 different activities. Among the mentioned sports activities, 7 including walking, running and cycling in the open and indoor environment and rowing are automatically detected and followed by this model.

In the communication options section of the device, except for Bluetooth 5.2 Low consumption is supported by five navigation satellite systems, including GPS, which is used to record the movement path in open space. The battery capacity of the device has increased from the previous 220 mAh to 270 mAh and hence offers longer official times. According to Amazfit, the device can be used for up to 15 days with a single charge of the battery in a specific and defined use, and this time is reduced to 8 days in an intense use. Of course, having the GPS on continuously reduces the battery life to 21 hours. As before, the device’s battery is charged magnetically with a dedicated base from the lower part of the watch, and its full charge takes nearly 2 hours.

As expected, the user interface of GTS 4 Mini is exclusive to Amazfit and is one of the leading operating systems in this class, such as WearOS is not in it. The Zepp application can also be used to connect the watch with the outside world. The always-on screen or AOD is one of the software features available for this model, which displays some basic information without the need to turn on the panel. A variety of different AODs are available for this model. GTS 4 Mini is compatible with phones equipped with Android 7 and above, and Apple i-Devices with iOS 12 and above have no problem using it.

This watch also has a microphone, but this microphone is apparently only for communicating with the assistant. Alexa smart face is considered and it cannot be used to answer the call. Call and SMS notifications, control music playing on the phone, send quick replies to SMS and calls, control the camera, display the weather condition and find the phone connected to the device (through the Find My Phone option) among the smart features of this smart watch. are considered.

The price of Amazfit GTS 4 Mini is 6,999 Indian rupees (at the current exchange rate of nearly 88 US dollars) at the beginning of the market, which apparently will be reduced to its original price of 7,999 rupees ($100) after a while. Will be back.

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