Introducing the Blade A72 and Blade A52 – ZTE’s low end with a price of around $100 for the Malaysian market

Introducing the Blade A72 and Blade A52 – ZTE’s low end with a price of around $100 for the Malaysian market

Introducing the Blade A72 and Blade A52 – ZTE’s low end with a price of around $100 for the Malaysian market

News unit : Company ZTE, which had previously unveiled the Blade A71 phone in Malaysia in October 2021, now presents its new model with the name Blade A72 has unveiled. Along with this smartphone, the Chinese company also launched another phone called Blade A52 has introduced in Malaysia that both fall into the category of affordable products. Of course, ZTE established its presence in the Malaysian market last month with the release of the Blade V40 Vita, and the success of this phone and the reception of users has made this company try its luck in this country once again. Both phones are equipped with Unisoc chipsets and a 13 megapixel main camera, and having a large battery is their most important strength.

The upper part of these two phones, apart from the appearance of the notch, is designed similar to each other, but in The back part is different from each other. Blade A72 in three colors: Space Grey, Red and Blue (Sky Blue) is produced and vertical lines can be seen on the back of the device, which are parallel to each other. The prominent black frame that can be seen on the upper and left side of this model houses three cameras and an LED flash. The trademark ZTE is visible on the bottom and left side of the back of the device. The fingerprint sensor of this version is placed on the side of the phone and on the power button.

Back Design Blade A52 is different from the more advanced example of this duo. Diagonal lines are used in the design of the back body of this model, which is produced in gray, blue (Crystal Blue) and gold (Silk Gold) colors. The triple cameras and LED flash of this version are placed in a black frame, the border of this frame is the same color as the phone body. The fingerprint sensor is installed in the center of the device and close to this frame, and below it is the ZTE title.

The new ZTE phones come in sizes of 168×77.5×9.4mm and with Despite the higher battery capacity of the A72, both weigh around 214 grams and 213.9 grams to be exact.

Large screen Blade A72 a sample It has a 6.745-inch HD+ LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, the 6.52-inch Blade A52 display is also made with LCD technology and uses HD+ resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The selfie camera of both models has a resolution of 5 megapixels and is placed in the notch above the screen.

The main rear camera in both samples is 13 megapixels, and two 2 megapixel auxiliary cameras are used to record images. And videos help. Although ZTE has hinted at the presence of a macro camera and a depth-of-field unit (both with 2MP resolution) in the A72, it has not specified the type of 2MP cameras in the A52.

The processor of each Two devices have an 8-core chip called Unisoc SC9863A produced by the Chinese company Unisoc, and no details about the frequency of its cores have been published. A72 in two memory configurations 3GB/64GB and 3GB/128GB production, while the amount of RAM in A52 is only 2 GB And its internal memory is 64 GB, and the possibility of increasing it through the microSD slot up to another 512 GB is predicted for it. Also, with Fusion RAM in A72, up to 2 GB of internal memory space can be allocated to RAM if needed.

Blade A72 battery has a capacity of 6,000 mAh, which uses 22.5 fast charging technology Watt supports. Meanwhile, the energy required by Blade A52 is supplied by a 5,000 mAh battery and a 10-watt charger.

These products do not use 5G technology and only NFC and 3.5 mm headphone jack. equipped.

The new ZTE phones with Android 11 or Android R and MiFovor 11 user interface are released and the Blade A72 priced at RM499 (current conversion rate currency, $113) and Blade A52 priced at 399 ringgit ( (around $91).

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