Introducing 125W wired charger, 65W wireless charging and two powerful GaN chargers from OPPO

Introducing 125W wired charger, 65W wireless charging and two powerful GaN chargers from OPPO

Introducing 125W wired charger, 65W wireless charging and two powerful GaN chargers from OPPO

News News while less than two days after the introduction of iQOO 120W charger is passed by its sister company Oppo has also unveiled a more powerful wired charging with a power of 125 watts, which, of course, is not the only product displayed by Oppo this time, and in addition, a wireless charger. 65 watts called AirVOOC along with two small chargers with GaN technology have also been introduced, all of which have higher output powers than They offer an expectation. Oppo’s 125W Flash Charge wired charger, despite its higher power than iQOO’s 120W model, apparently uses a different charging method, which results in a 5-minute delay in charging a 4,000 mAh battery.

Wired charger 125 W Flash Charge

Company Oppo has a long history years in making high-speed chargers for smartphones of this brand and some other examples of the same family (such as Dash Chargers Oneplus) and it can be boldly mentioned as the most active brand in the way of increasing the charging speed and reducing the battery charging time in smartphones. This company is currently offering a 65-watt charger for its latest flagships, Find X2 Pro and Reno Ace is ahead of other competitors in this segment. The company’s new 125-watt wired charger, of course, tells a different story, which is considered a big step forward and has challenged the big competitors of this industry. According to Oppo, this charger is able to fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes, and in the first 5 minutes of this time, the battery charge reaches 41%, and all this happens while the temperature The battery is maintained below 40 degrees!

Charging with high power causes high tensions in the battery, which will bring many problems if some points are not followed; Therefore, Oppo made changes in the battery structure of their smartphones. that using two cells together and upgrading grade C is one of these things; C grade or C-rating as an important factor in the structure of different batteries speaks of the ability of a battery to receive and provide a specific current without damaging it, and a higher C number practically means the possibility of providing a higher current. In a way, this index refers to the quality of the battery and how it resists excessive heat caused by high power charging. The grade C of the battery used in Oppo’s new 125-watt charging technology has been upgraded from 3C to 6C, so at least on paper, there will be no problem getting a current above 12.5 amps.

In this system, Oppo uses three parallel charging pumps to divide the power, which in a 6-way battery installation structure, work efficiency up to 98% increase In this system, 10 additional heat sensors are used for more security.

Compatibility with other fast charging systems is another outstanding point about the new Oppo Flash Charge, which, unlike the previous models, is now with a power delivery system ( PD) with a power of 65 watts, Programmable Power Delivery (PPS) up to 125 watts and compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge up to 36 watts, so you can use the same charger to power different phones. Oppo also offers promising numbers regarding the durability and usability of batteries that comply with this technology over time, where according to the manufacturer, these batteries retain 80% of their capacity after 800 charge cycles, which is In the most pessimistic case, it means their life of more than 2 years. The USB-C port is used on both sides of Oppo’s new charger, and the name of the first phone equipped with it has not yet been released.

AirVOOC 65W Wireless Charger

The ability to charge wirelessly in Oppo products happened very slowly and completely later than other competitors, and it was just three months ago that Oppo Ace2 was presented as the first phone of this brand with wireless charging. Of course, this presence is at the level of the best in the market, such as +Huawei P40 Pro and with 40 watts of power, it was able to charge the phone’s 4,000mAh battery within 56 minutes. The Oppo company, however, was not satisfied with this amount and now the version It has introduced a new AirVOOC wireless charger with an output power of 65 watts, which completes the charging process of the previous 4,000 mAh battery in 30 minutes.

In this model, dual charging coils with 88% efficiency are used, which, of course, require a similar arrangement on the receiver side to receive this energy. According to Oppo, the series is working to deliver this power through a single coil in the future.

In this charger, like its previous generation, a cooling fan is used, which apparently reduces the heat of the device by 2 degrees, thus preventing the increase in heat from The usual limit of 40 degrees will be avoided. This stand is also compatible with devices equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, with the difference that its power in this case will be only 5 or 10 watts.

Two mini GaN chargers

Chargers that use Gallium Nitride instead of the usual silicon material and are called GaN chargers we learn from They have a much smaller volume than their counterparts, and as a result, they will be able to provide higher power in a smaller volume. On this occasion, Oppo company has unveiled two chargers compatible with this technology, which are called mini SuperVOOC charger and mini flash charger, and they have the output power of 50 and 110 watts, respectively.

The first charger in this series is the mini SuperVOOC charger, which has a thickness of only 10.5 mm and a weight of 60 grams. It supports an output power of 50 watts. and offers 27, 50 and 18 watts in power delivery technologies, programmable power delivery and Quick Charge respectively. This situation continues with the mini flash charger, which, according to Oppo, is the size of a normal 18-watt charger, and despite its small volume, this model offers a high power of 110 watts. This charger also achieves 65, 110 and 36 watts in Power Delivery, Programmable Power Delivery and Quick Charge technologies. Thus, these chargers can be used as the only charger needed for various gadgets from smartphones to even laptops.

Opo has not yet determined the price and time of its new chargers in the market, but it is likely to soon unveil a new advanced smartphone with a 125W fast charging system. and the presence in the market of all chargers offered this time will not last very long.

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