Intel dedicated graphics card will be released in 2020

Intel dedicated graphics card will be released in 2020

Intel dedicated graphics card will be released in 2020

It is expected that the next generation graphics card for gaming and powerful workstation Nvidia in four days, that is, in On August 29, 2017, it will be introduced as GeForce RTX 2080 or perhaps GeForce GTX 1180. Most likely, the aforementioned graphics cards will be based on the new Turing architecture, which theoretically is capable of providing a significant level of Ray Tracing in computer games. It was also mentioned that a few days ago Nvidia officially announced graphics processors of the family Quadro RTX unveiled with Turing architecture. Follow the EMGblog.

Now Intel before the new GPUs are announced by Nvidia. , is hands-on, and by releasing a video from the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference on its official Twitter account, it reminds that it is working on a powerful and dedicated graphics card. This topic was discussed a few months ago with an AMD engineer joining named Raja Koduri had been confirmed to Intel which is now officially confirmed. In the rest of the article, you can see Intel’s official video. The data center and special gaming computers are planned in 2020, he promises.

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No doubt, this will be surprising news for users; Because until now, the graphics card market has been dominated by only two powerful long-time rivals, Nvidia and AMD. But from now on, a third-rate player will also enter the field of competition, which will definitely challenge the other two companies. In this case, gamers and professional users active in the field of graphics will have more choices in order to buy the best graphics card. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about Intel’s discrete graphics card.

Intel has a very high experience in graphics processing units (GPU). The reason for this is the supply of Intel-made central processors with a dedicated graphics processor in an integrated manner, which is actually the graphics processing unit inside the same main chip of the processor and makes it possible to process and play computer games without the need for a separate graphics card. /p>

Thus, the production of separate central processing units by Intel means increasing Intel’s ability to provide extremely powerful graphics processors than integrated examples with CPU will be This will automatically make the three-way competition between Intel, Nvidia and AMD significantly more exciting for regular users and gamers.

Although the way to get a discrete graphics card by Intel still seems far away; But considering that Intel has seriously entered the field of discrete processors, the mentioned issue is considered almost close in the world of graphics processor development. There have even been rumors about the introduction of Intel’s new graphics card at CES 2019.

With the entry of a challenging competitor such as Intel into the competition ring, companies Nvidia and AMD must redouble their efforts to remain in the field. As a result, this issue will benefit users.

How do you evaluate Intel’s entry into the field of discrete graphics cards in 2020? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of the website.

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