IDC and Strategy Analytics: Apple, Samsung and Amazon, the top tablet manufacturers in the first quarter of 2022

IDC and Strategy Analytics: Apple, Samsung and Amazon, the top tablet manufacturers in the first quarter of 2022

IDC and Strategy Analytics: Apple, Samsung and Amazon, the top tablet manufacturers in the first quarter of 2022

News unit based on latest report IDC Research Institute on Friday, April 29 of this year (May 9, 1401), the global supply of tablets in the quarter ending in March 2022 has reached 38.4 million devices with a 3.9% annual drop due to a decrease in demand. Although this amount is still higher than the supply of tablets before the start of the Corona epidemic, the decrease in the growth rate indicates the return of the market to a normal and seasonal trend. In addition, the aggressive wave of purchasing devices in 2020 and 2021 has caused many users to keep the tablets they have recently purchased and not to purchase a new device.

While the saturation of mature markets has caused the overall decline of the tablet market, the supply of these products in the Asia/Pacific region (with the exception of Japan and China) due to extensive investment in digital education, in the first quarter of this year was similar to the pre-rising periods and managed to The record has been registered.

On the other hand, the Strategy Analytics research institute also released its report on the global tablet market on the same day published. The findings of this report indicate the continued effects of the global Corona epidemic on the tablet market, and the interesting results of the last quarter are proof of this. According to the report of Strategy Analytics, in the first quarter of this year, despite the fact that manufacturers are facing various restrictions in the field of supply chain and logistics issues caused by the pandemic for the third year in a row, high demand for tablets has continued and companies Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple has overcome the challenges ahead with a significant growth rate. However, the institute’s analysts believe that the bright start to 2022 may be short-lived, as renewed restrictions related to the corona virus in China, pressures related to the supply of parts, as well as inflationary pressure, along with the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, all tablet supply in the seasons They put the future at risk.

According to Anuroopa Nataraj, senior research analyst at IDC, the tablet market is in a trend due to declining demand in mature markets. It is descending. But at the same time, several new players have entered the emerging markets, among them smartphone vendors such as realme, oppo and Xiaomi pointed out. He continues: “Even though the volume [of supply of these companies] is not enough to move the market, the high demand for tablets in emerging markets since the beginning of the Corona epidemic has caused these sellers to use the presence of their existing channels to Build an ecosystem where consumers, like Apple [users], have multiple products from the same brand.” However, Eric Smith, Director of Connected Computing at Strategy Analytics It is believed that the demand for tablets has never completely stopped, despite the decrease in supply in the last three quarters. From his point of view, the main problem facing producers is that they face the double challenge of constant demand and product supply limitations. According to Smith, companies such as Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft have successfully passed an extraordinary season by offering a new product portfolio and a suitable distribution strategy, considering all the challenges at the macro level. Smith sees the improvement in Apple’s situation from the constraints of parts supply last quarter as significant, as the company has consistently increased its supplies; This is unprecedented in the smartphone industry. However, from his point of view, considering the set of negative factors, we should still expect unexpected events.

Top five companies supplying tablets in the first quarter of 2022 (supply in million units)

The Strategy Analytics report shows that although the market share of Android tablets has reached its lowest level of 50%, the competition among Android manufacturers seeking to capture the remaining market share has become smaller. Huawei and the reduction in the production of unknown brands or white boxes have become hotter. Lenovo has been growing based on the same strategy for more than two years, while Xiaomi, Honor, Realme, Oppo and even Nokia have recently entered the tablet market, creating new dynamics in markets such as China and some regions in the south and southeast. Asia.

Top 5 global tablet vendors in the first quarter of 2022

Next, we have an overview of the performance of the top tablet manufacturers in the first quarter 2022:


According to Strategy Analytics statistics, although the launch of products based on iPadOS Apple to sell-in sellers in the quarter ending in March 2022 has decreased by 6% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 15.8 million devices, but the global market share of this device Tegahs increased by 1.7% to 39%. On the other hand, the supply of the American super company from January to March 2022 compared to the holiday season that Apple strongly Faced with supply constraints, it has increased by 1 percent. Meanwhile, according to IDC, Apple managed to sell 12.1 million iPad units in the first quarter of this year and recorded a 4.6% drop. According to IDC statistics, Apple’s market share has reached 31.5% almost unchanged from 31.7% last year.


Unlike the IDC report, Samsung announced a 3.5 percent annual growth, Strategy Analytics findings show that the Korean company in the first quarter of this year With a 1.2 percent decrease compared to last year, 8.2 million devices have entered the market and have been able to claim the title of the top Android tablet manufacturer. However, the Korean giant’s market share has increased by 1.8% annually to 20% during this period.


According to the statistics of both institutions The amount of tablets released by Amazon in the first quarter of 2022 is equal to 3.7 million devices and the third place is available to this company. has taken. But while Strategy Analytics reported a 1.3 percent year-over-year decline in Amazon’s shipments, the company had the fastest growth among the top 5 manufacturers with a 6.3 percent year-over-year increase in tablet shipments, according to preliminary IDC data.


Lenovo is in the fourth place in the list of both institutions and has launched 3 million tablets. According to the Strategy Analytics report, after two years of growth, the company’s tablet shipments have experienced a decline once again, but despite increasing competition from smaller Chinese vendors, the company’s fourth place in the world is still maintained. Of course, the amount of decline reported by IDC and Strategy Analytics is different from each other, as the former pointed to a 25.9% annual decline and the latter to a 20% annual decline in supply.


The most important difference between the reports of these two institutions goes back to the position of the fifth best tablet manufacturer in the quarter ending in March 2022; The position given by Huawei in the IDC report, while in the Strategy Analytics report, Microsoft is located. According to IDC’s preliminary data, Huawei shipped 2.2 million tablets to the market in the past quarter, and with a 17.2% annual drop, it took 5.8% of the market share. The findings of Strategy Analytics indicate that Microsoft has placed itself among the top 5 brands of tablet manufacturers in the period from January to March this year, and with the supply of 1.4 million tablets and an annual growth rate of 1%, for the second consecutive season, it ranked fifth. Globally achieved. According to this institute, Microsoft was the only manufacturer among the top five companies that experienced supply growth in the last quarter and increased its market share by 0.4% to 3%.

IDC continues this The report also mentioned the statistics of Chromebooks. According to this report, in the first quarter of 2022, Chromebooks have also experienced a 61.9% annual decrease in supply. The top five manufacturers in this list are Lenovo, Acer Group, Dell Technologies, HP and Samsung, which have managed to release 1.2, 1.2, 1.1, 0.8 and 0.3 million Chromebooks respectively.

Jitesh Ubrani, research director of the mobile and consumer device tracking division at IDC, says of Chromebooks: “Decreasing [supply] of Chromebooks due to inventory build-up due to reduced demand Not surprising in the last few seasons. Hence, unless there is a major change in supply, we anticipate that [current] inventory will sell off with the help of promotional activity[s] over the coming months, and new supplies will begin to increase as the buying cycle [for educational applications] resumes. did”.

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